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  1. I think this ad was originally designed to be for Xbox — you know, there’s always a bad one… out of twelve shipped… okay, I tried damn.

  2. Umm right.

    The other Zune ads were wierd – but they did have a sort of purpose – you just had to think about them for a while. Monsters sharing things to represent sharing songs and the like.

    Still not sure what a replacement egg is supposed to be about though.

  3. My interpretation of the ad: the white eggs are iPods. The others are Zunes. When that one iPod “dies” from a dead battery (or cracked its case) instead of replacing it with another iPod a Zune takes its place.

    OK, that description probably didn’t make any more sense than this ad. :/

  4. Hmmm…..am I the only one who thinks that ad was complete crap?

    I’m okay with companies trying something different but those fake craft-store eyes made the production value seem super cheap looking and no matter how much you thought about the egg cracking/dying, it didn’t make any sense.

    It would have been more effective just showing the Zune logo for 30 seconds with a tagline of:

    “For people who are sick of iPods”

  5. Not a real good one. It takes a while to get, and most people are too impatient and say the ad just sucks.

    They could have made several ‘iPod’ eggs with the same color that broke, and replace them with eggs with Zune logos on them. Much easier to get than this video they put out.

    Personally, I just think Zune has to make ads that directly show what neat features Zunes have that iPods don’t. That are actually cool. That’s it. Simple and done with.

  6. ^ Problem is the Zune doesn’t really have anything the iPod doesn’t. In fact, it lacks many things like tons of Zube-compatible accessories, tv-show/video downloads, Audible.com compatibility, etc.

    The Zune needs to just focus on “This is an iPod ALTERNATIVE because the iPod is overrated.” instead of “Buy this before you buy an iPod.” …because people won’t do that.

    I want to get a Zune but the thing holding me back is TV Show/Video downloads and Audible.com support. There’s no reason why Microsoft can’t offer this and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there w/ this as the deal-breaker.

    Clever marketing only goes so far. If all else fails, IMPROVE the product and it’ll sell itself.

  7. The day Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak endorse the Zune is the day the masses will flock to it – mark my words 🙂

  8. @Scott C.
    Ummm… Yeah, the Zune does have more features than an iPod. FM tuner, voice recording, the intergration with 360 and Zune software (which kicks iTunes butt). Go to Zune.net, find out for yourself.

  9. @Nicko

    I’m not saying the Zune doesn’t have some nifty features like FM Radio & Voice Recording but you need far more than that to get people to jump off the Apple bandwagon.

    The Zune needs to offer the same stuff [store wise] as iTunes and then it needs to be $50 cheaper in every model.

    Unless they always want to be a far, far distant 2nd.

  10. Wow, so cute, so smooth, so suggestive, so smart.

    But no Zune till they put an equalizer in there.

  11. Zune: Just another egg in the basket.


    I’m not sure if this ad is supposed to have a point.

  12. I think its a complete waste of protein, that one could have served so much purpose:

    1. Egg with sausage for breakfast
    2. Scrambled eggs
    3. Egg sandwich
    4. Scrambled eggs with fried rice

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