Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft (video)

A video spoof shown during the CES 2008 keynote by Bill Gates about his last full day at Microsoft in July starring himself, Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaugheyr, Robbie Bach, Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Kevin Turner, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie,

[flv: 670 377]

Amazing who they can call for a guest appearance in the name of Bill Gates.

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  1. So basically you just clipped out the video they showed at CES08.
    I’m a bit confused; what’s the point of that?

  2. So, people who wants to see it (again) don’t have to scan through the entire keynote video?

  3. Cool, I was hoping to be able to watch this again!

    And any chance of a downloadable version so we can save a copy before the A-Team rolls in again?

  4. “Amazing who they can call for a guest appearance in the name of Bill Gates.”

    Not really, considering the obscene amounts of cash they can offer their guest stars 😛

  5. Excellent! It’s interesting to see even Kevin Turner who is not really funny kind of guy… I haven’t seen Kevin in any other videos than training, corporate this, corporate that, policy this, policy that.

  6. thanks for extracting that from the keynote.. i watched the whole CES live stream, but this Bill’s Last day clip was the funniest thing 😀

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  15. My sister told me about this today. She was right it’s hilarious. If your out there somewhere in internet land…Good Luck Bill!

  16. they should compile all of the CES vids that Bill G has done in the past into a anthology

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  18. It can be called as a real happening day, talking to wide variety of people in one day, amazes me.

  19. Yes, it’s a spoof – a self made spoof. Thanks for the reminder Torey! I looked for it on a few sites. I think you might be able to download it somewhere. I did see it’s still on the front page at if you ever look for videos on that site they have some of the better quality ones like this. Pretty funny way to go Big Pimpin’ Bill G! (Jay-Z’s reaction in the video is priceless!)

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  22. The carry home basket dropping off from the top of the car was so natural. It tells me that it was not the last working day for bill, but the biginning of the first working day of the new life of bill. Watch for events yet to come.

  23. Thanks for posting this video! And for Emil the point of this was to let regular visitors of this site be informed about this video! Bill Gates should remain CEO of Microsoft I think. That way the OS will not be so bad like Vista was. 🙁

  24. I’m sure Bill will feel all warm and fuzzy inside when he sees these comments, because he reads this blog so so often and stuff.

  25. Ooh, thank goodness I found this! Thanks for posting this up. I wanted to watch it again on MSN but the video’s offline now. =(

    Just noticed the first few seconds of the vid got snipped, tho. =/ Would it be possible to repost it with Bill’s lil introduction to the vid? 😀

  26. Well, Bill, Good luck in your new projects, it’s a funny video, i could belive, al the people who starning in the video, Bill, you Rock’s, well, I send a big hug froms Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.

  27. elitst video, Bill needs a more interesting exit. He is an iconic person now.
    He changed our world. He will change our future tru philantrophy. Go Bill
    agus bennact De ort.


  28. I was working backstage at the CES show and got to meet bill gates,he looks like he cuts his own hair with a flowbee

  29. I’m surprised at the amount of celebs he could call upon. Then again, when you’re that rich, everyone wants to be your friend. I wonder if he’s paying them? Here are my remaining 2 cents on the issue.

  30. Bye bill!
    You are a man from a country with big men & women. you learned to be big & taught the other to be so! Hey Mr bill! Be Live forever because the world need to you & your big work. in fact you & your colleagues vindicated the metaphor global village!

  31. Mr.Gates,

    Your determination and drive has change the world as we once new it. Thanks for being a pioneer and taking risk that most people are afraid to take. Thanks for encouraging others to join in on your world of technology. Most of all, Thanks to you and your staff for hiring my son. You have been an inspiration and a blessing to many. Well Done!!!

  32. I don’t wont that Bill Gates leave the Microsoft. He would still at Microsoft and make donations to poor peaple in Africa and others countries (In Italy we use the word “Third World”). The video si very funny, but it made me cry too! :'(
    From an italian fan of Microsoft and Bill Gates.

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  36. I really like this video, i found it very funny:)
    We’ll miss u Bill and good luck on the foundation, it really good what ur doing.

  37. A list of do’s and dont’s for Sir William on his semi-retirement:

    Do-stay out of the music business-you might get sued for piracy

    Don’t-pawn that retirement watch

    Do-continue to be a likeable genius

    Don’t-go to law school

    Do-continue to be history’s most generous philanthropist

    Don’t-move to Paris and take up painting

    Do-get a better physical trainer

    Don’t-consider plastic surgery-or Hollywood for that matter

    Do-find a better beverage

    Don’t-set your hair on fire in the process

    Do-continue to expand the infancy of human communication

    Don’t-take any wooden nickles

    Thanks for all you have done for us Bill-best wishes in whatever you choose to pursue.

  38. B O R I N G

    No wonder Gates is finished.

    Life moves on. In 50 years people will be saying “Gates who?”

    Gates is to the 20th/21st century what the builder of the Roman Empire was to those centuries it was built. I know, I don’t know who it was neither; nor do I care, nor does 99.999999999999999% of the current population.

    That’s the entire point.

    The Romans? yawwwnnn.

    ‘Course in 50 years people will still know who Jesus Christ was, which must REALLY tick off atheists like Bill Gates and those like him, eh… pity the fools… God always has the last laugh… And what’s really ‘sad’ for Gates is that I’m saying all of this on his hardware and software… ‘poor schmuck… Maybe you’ll get it someday, Bill… ‘Hope so…

  39. Hi….I am really astonished after i saw this video…how a world’s top business mind acts in his day to day working life….it is so marvelous….good luck bill…



  40. Hi….I am really astonished after i saw this video…how a world’s top business mind acts in his day to day working life….it is so marvelous….you are a genious person….good luck bill…



  41. To Zeb…

    You are so completely wrong. In 50 years people may not know what Microsoft was, but the philanthropic engine known as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will leave an indelible mark on this planet. Wake up…Gates is doing more to save lives and better the earth than you will ever do with your bitter attitude and poor handle on history.

  42. Happy Retirement Bill,

    You’ve done well ripping off Apple for the past 25+ years. I hope you at least send Jobs & Wozniak a card.
    How’s Vista working out for ya?

  43. @realist
    you cant be right….they have done ever MORE. the impact of the enormous amounts of money he has put in is a benchmark in giving. he has set a standard for billionaires and virtually embarrassing them into putting there monies to REAL efforts not bogus foundations ran by there daughters. he has put the same style of management he used at microsoft into use at his foundation; which btw has made it one of the leaders in giving. oh yes im not completely kissing his ass i’m writing this using firefox.

  44. In 50 yrs, most of us under 40 will still be alive and it won’t be “Gates who?” anymore than it is “Carnegie” or “Ford” or “Rockefeller” or .. ‘who?’. He’s created one of the largest personal fortunes in American history, controlling for inflaction and the largest philanthropy in world history. I happen to like the fact that he is ‘robbing’ the rich who own most of his customer base and using it to repair social damage done by historical colonialism (although he’d never put it that way). And, he is so transforming philanthropy that he has become the go to guy for the largest personal fortune in US History (Buffet) as having founded the one organization (B&MGF) competent to actually efficiently and effectively put that fortune to good use. Other organizations of this ilk (Ford and Rockefeller foundations in particular, were actually founded to preserve family control of the ‘family’ businesses. Their giving has typically been used to ‘demonstrate’ how selected (and politically safe) problems might be solved. B&MGF employs world class experts to design solutions and them implements them. The long term consequences for public health and consequently economic development and growth in the “de”-colonized regions will be among the most important global facts of the early 21st century.
    You may not like how he accumulated that wealth but he will be the greatest ‘Robin Hood’ in world history. Consider the monopoly profits of MS as a tax on the rich (all of us included) for the sake of global justice. What is Jobs or the Waltons doing with their billions? And, if MS stole Windows from Apple it was restolen from XEROX PARC. And that only because Apple wouldn’t license their GUI to other manufacturers (as Gates pleaded them to do in order to give MS a better GUI to develop for than OS/2). If they had taken his advise, It would be Apple who owned what is now the Windows franchise. Gates was simply smarter, not greedier than Apple. And the poor of the world can say “thank God for that”.

  45. I don’t really know what to say. Except that Mr. Gates has always been a down to earth and very classy man.
    I wish him and his family good luck and the best for the future…

    Monsieur Gates,
    Merci milles fois pour tout ce que vous avez fais et continuerez de faire par l’entremise de votre fondation, pour aider les plus démuniés de la planète.

    Paix et santé à vous et votre famille.

  46. “Realist
    Jun 27th, 2008 at 11:44 pm To Zeb…

    You are so completely wrong. In 50 years people may not know what Microsoft was, but the philanthropic engine known as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will leave an indelible mark on this planet. Wake up…Gates is doing more to save lives and better the earth than you will ever do with your bitter attitude and poor handle on history.”

    Name a single life Bill Gates has ever “saved.”

    Everyone ‘dies’.

    Let’s be honest here.

    Bill Gates is nothing more than a single dot on a line of dots extending out in every direction into eternity.

    He’s that small, actually, and probably even smaller.

    And he won’t save you, neither.

    As I truthfully stated, God always has the last laugh.

    The only way that Gates will ever be more than that is if he ever comes to personally know the Creator of all those dots.

    And that’s a cold, hard dose of absolute reality, whether dreamers and/or wishful thinkers want to admit it or not.

    God bless.

  47. Hay Bill!

    You did a great job with bringing MICROSOFT into everyone’s home and everyone’s company. We can’t exist without you.
    I am following right in your footsteps. I was with a respected group of potential players at breakfast this morning I did most of the talking in how we are changing the healthcare systems. After two and one half hours of my talking, I realized my eggs were cold. Oh well, we did get a lot accomplished today—I think.
    Dreams come true– “quests” are realized. And——-You are too young to retire.

  48. I hope Bill will be happily family for evermore.
    Bye Bill.
    thaohuong from Vietnam.
    I very admire Bill.

  49. You are great man. i very admire you. you make me sad now. i wish i can directly meet you one time in my life. Good luck to you.
    Best regards, Byeeeeeee

  50. Hello Bill
    You re a genius. i hope i can shake your hands in my life.thanks.Good luck to you.

  51. oh man, I love Bill Gates. Thanks for all and good luck to you.
    I hope you’ll come back Viet Nam

  52. I really wanna work with Bill,but maybe my dream never comes true!I love Bill,but I don’t love window vista,it’s too expensive for me,.I like Xp!hey Bill,good luck to u!come to my house and visit me!it is ok????????

  53. I dont suprise about this day because I knew it before.
    Good luck to Bill, he’s always the big idol in my life.

  54. tui bay noi j` tao dek co hiu? nhung du` sao thi cung~ cam on vi` doan video 🙂

  55. Tôi rất buồn khi biết Bill không ở Micro nữa! Bill là thần tượng của tôi trong nhiều năm qua không phải là vì tiền của Ông nhiều mà là vì câu nói về Ông :” Bill có thể không cúi nhặt tờ 100$ để đi tiếp, vì trong thời gian đó Ông có thể làm ra số tiền nhiều hơn con số đó!”
    Ông thật sự có tài! Tôi ngưỡng mộ Ông ấy! Mong rằng Ông sẽ trở lại Việt Nam thêm lần nữa.
    I love you Bill! My fams! I wish you come back to VietNam once again!

  56. It ‘s hard to say! Is it a good or bad choice, but everything he did in IT ‘s world… makes the world change a lot! hope that, the other thing he ‘ll do in Human social ‘ll be the same.

  57. i’m my name THANH HOA HUYNH, I’m from VIET NAM,
    I wish will to BILL back go to VIET NAM again
    i like see bill again ,too
    i will as succsess as bill
    i will bill at asia and at word in 21 cetury

  58. Hey Bill, Thanks a lot for whatever you have done for us. Do continue to astonish us with your genius…

    Thank God you were there for saving us from those rotting apples and burning sun.

  59. @ Wonderer – Nice wordplay.

    @ Long Zheng – it sure is gonna be different around the house of Windows, huh? Hope things aren’t too drastically changed. You’ve always written good blogs, hope to see you keep doing so – and thanks for mirroring this vid and stuff.

    @ Bill Gates – You don’t know me. Probably won’t, probably no want to know me. That’s okay. I know you. You’re a good man, no matter what the others say – sure, you guys weren’t always the most innovative bunch in town, and your software gets targeted more than others’ (but hey, that’s the price to pay with near-omnipresence), and Open Source is growing – but hey. What the Hell, right? I say damned fine job – not that it matters or anything, but just in case it does – and I’m seriously blowing any geek cred I have here right out of the water – but I love Windows. I’ve used it since 3.1. I’ve used DOS too. Not bad, if you ask me. Others? Well, they have their UNIX and Linux and Solaris and etc, but it’s all about the environment your machine is in, what you’re doing with it, and your level of technical proficiency. Let’s face facts here, everyone – for the now, as it has been for years, Windows is still the superior home product…it’s easy to set up, easy to use, easy to install programs, drivers, etc…almost anyone can use Windows. Not the case with various *nixes or in fact, many other OSes, either – and I do have to say, I like my games.

    …Though I’m writing this from a Debian box. Don’t worry, Bill – I’ve got XP on the other side. 😉 Just don’t hate me for hating Vista; I don’t hate you for making it.

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