Bill Gates’ last day, take two (video)

Yesterday at the Office Developer Conference keynote, Bill Gates once again mentioned his imminent departure from day-to-day operations of Microsoft. However the video spoof documentary of his last day at Microsoft he showed was not the same as the one shown at CES earlier this year, but in fact another edit with some alternative scenes.

For example, it features a different workout video with Matthew McConaugheyr, a longer phone conversation with Steven Spielberg and George Clooney about Oceans 14. Even if you’ve seen the first, I recommend you to check out this one too.

[flv: 670 375]

My favorite? “Solar powered nano-robots grown from Justin Timberlake’s stem cells are intriguing.”

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  1. Let’s hope that Mr. Gates departure will not be the end of the nerdness in the personal computer world.

  2. Who is Bill Gates anyway? And ohw did they manage to get all those look-alikes in one show??!

    (lol, yeah, well at least they’ve shown the lighter side of the bloke for a change instead of the money grabbing side, and he’s trying to show a sense of humour aswell – maybe he got a humour chip put into his brain or something…)

  3. @Bendy:

    you havent seen many Microsoft spoof videos do you?

    Bill gates appears in more than dozen of them, ballmer in over 20.

    I think microsoft got over 100 videos if you count spoofs and wacky commercials done for limited showings.

    i wish there were a DVD with all of them.. i got only like 30.

  4. @Avatar:

    The DVD thing isn’t a bad idea! That would definitely be something I would enjoy having as well. =) Well… that’s 2 of us! Let’s take it to Microsoft! lol.

  5. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It was subtle, and funny and had more guest stars than I could ever imagine a short video could have. A must-see.

  6. @Stephen:

    Absolutely, or a online repository with them. i mean, most people here have not seen the back to the future Microsoft spoof, the tommy boy spoof, the SERIES (versions) of Ballmer 80`s style commercials,etc,etc.

    so much good stuff

  7. Ah, well a Back To The Futre spoof would be funny!

    I must admit I haven’t ever come across anything Bill Gates has done other than the obvious. Especially not anything funny, which windows errors are definately not!!

    YouTube here I come – gotta be on there surely!

    Cheers for that

  8. Well time stops for no one, and hind site is 20 20 , for all you have to say about Bill Gates you have to give it to him, out of a Garage, Basement to one of the powerful men in the world, however he got there he got THERE!
    Only wish I would have purchased 1000 shares in the seventy,s and perhaps I too, could make videos with JC, Hillary, and Barack, Mat, and George.

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