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  1. I still don’t get it. Is he sorry for making fun of Sinofsky in the previous post? What is that, some sort of Australian thing?

  2. Erm, Chuster, is it some sort of American thing? :-p (btw, I am from america) but yes he made fun of Sinofksy on several occasions — the last one being a bit rude, so he is appologizing…

  3. @Cullen:
    I’m not American. He called Sinofsky illiterate. I have heard a lot worse from people who should know better and this isn’t that bad. But that he is apologizing has moved him a peg up on my “honor roll”.

  4. Guys, why don’t you get humour? But Long here is also a gentleman so he’s clearing things up for some people like you who may not “get it”.

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