Microsoft launches Windows (PRODUCT) RED

Microsoft (PRODUCT) RED

Slightly few hours before the official launch, Microsoft’s switched on the official Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED website and Dell (PRODUCT) RED PC website. Have a look through to see some of the special extras included in Vista Ultimate (RED) as well as check out the Dell (RED) PCs. Robert McLaws has a higher-resolution screenshot of what the exclusive wallpapers look like. Bear in mind all this comes at no extra cost to the consumer, but it can make a life-changing difference for someone else in the world.

Update: Dell’s (PRODUCT) RED website has also been switch on, although obviously not completely updated.

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  1. You get what you want.
    People get what they need.
    Windows Vista Ultimate users get… what they deserve?

  2. The wallpapers included are definitely better than anything that shipped with Vista.

    Please, MS, ship wallpapers this nice in Windows 7

  3. @Those of you who want the wallpapers: You should be ashamed of yourselves! Stealing software is one thing, but stealing from a charity/ dying kids is another. I refer you to office space:
    I don’t think, I don’t think I’m explaining this very well. Um, this
    Seven Eleven, right? If you take a penny from the tray –
    From the crippled children?!
    No, that’s the tray. I’m talking about the tray. The penny’s for
    Oh, for everybody. Ok.

    You’re talking about stealing pennies from the crippled children. Nice. Classy dude.

  4. I agree with Kevin and Nicko, it isn’t cool to share this time, because those extras are meant to incite people to buy this RED version.

    On the other hand, this is a demonstration of nicely done wallpapers… now there’s an idea for an Ultimate Extra!

  5. “@Those of you who want the wallpapers: You should be ashamed of yourselves! Stealing software is one thing, but stealing from a charity/ dying kids is another.”

    They still look nice. 😀

  6. Pardon my French, but What the Fuck are you people on about? Spreading these wallpapers would, if anything, help spread awareness about the idea. Do you people honestly think ANYONE would think twice about buying this product because the wallpapers are available for free? The whole point is that you give to charity – out of charity, and the (RED) brand is your way of signaling that you care and want to spread awareness – it is not a prize you get for spending money.

  7. Indeed. They’re just damn wallpapers. Not like they’re Windows builds. You’re as bad as the idiots claiming WIndows7’s screenshots to be fake. Get off your high horses.

  8. Unfortunately, the (Product)RED laptops at Dell *do* cost more than the standard models. A similarly configured XPS M1330 costs roughly $850 more in a (Product)RED configuration than non-(Product)RED system. Seems to me Dell could have been gracious and just taken $50 less profit on their systems. Bone-headed move by Dell.

  9. here you go guys, i managed to find these (and yes it was really really hard) of the internet. i posted them on my flickr account.
    here is the link to the 7 wallpapers, theres actually six but i made an adjustment to one:[email protected]/2266638895/

    hope you like it!

    oh and if anyone has the clock and the product red thing please post it.
    thank you

  10. Brandon, I really loved your product red wallpapers…..they are truly awesome.I wish you had another way to download them other than joining yahoo.Please feel free to contact me if so, I would deeply appreciate it!

  11. Microsoft is a very fucking company they r not providing themes & wallpapers for users. they r only making fool to the peoples.

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