Windows 7 M1, now playing in a theater near you

From the Chinese guy who brought you the first screenshots of Windows 7, brings you a Cloverfield-inspired movie about Windows 7 Milestone 1. This is a 3 minute and 50 second shakycam video showing off the new Aurora bootscreen with animated progress bar as well as slight visual updates to Windows Media Center. (via AeroXP forums)

Dedicated to everyone who cried wolf. Guess the Great Firewall of China doesn’t filter Microsoft content, yet.

Update: In the spirit of the moment, a Microsoft insider by the name of “Brooks” have also shared this short video of an even newer version of Windows, never before seen by the public. It’s authenticity is hard to disprove.

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  1. @Chris: Not looking hard enough. There is no “start” text, the selected category text is considerably larger, and it shows more categories vertically. Whereas Vista only shows 5 categories (2 above and 2 below your selected category), this shows 6 (4 above and 1 below).

  2. I see they still don’t have any branding on the bootscreen even though its got a aurora background. The whole point of all the complaints about the bootscreen were to have it at least say Windows Vista on it.

  3. It is not necessary for Great Firewall of China to filter Microsoft content, and extremely unlikely to do so in the future. Such content has nothing to do with politics (though seems GF filters yours, don’t know why), and because of the importance of MS and the fact that MS is already well known in China (maybe in very country in the world) filtering it would cause problems.

  4. Long, I had no idea you were becoming such a conspiracy theorist, of sorts.

    Or is it just a ploy to get traffic?

  5. @Long – Non standard resolutions are killers. 😉 Sorry, I was thinking more visual effects in my mind, while ignoring what I actually typed and saw.

  6. On the pictures it looks real, espacially the system tray. That can’t be hacked, or someone have spend days on it. But it’s hard to photoshop it.

    The video doesn’t look real. Especially when he is in the Media Center. “Windows Vista build 6.1” it shows. Fake. Microsoft would’ve changed that in Windows 7 too if it was real.

  7. I am really impressed with the UI improvements on the W8 version. Maybe the “insider” can give us a look at the “Windows Vista build (info)” on the next generation package. I believe!!!

  8. @ EricR Conspiracy theorist? This could be the first images ever of Windows 7, and if i understand it correctly Windows is exactly what this blog is about.

    Great find long, i for one am really excited to see what the future for Windows holds! Keep it up. 🙂

  9. @Long: Blogging about some of the things regarding Windows 7 right now is just fueling the fire for faked content. At this point, we know Windows 7 is simply M1 and all anybody cares about here is the UI and those changes won’t happen until M3.. so who really cares.

    By the way, you never replied to my email.

  10. Would have been better to get a look at the new taskbar tricks and the new control panel dialogs.

  11. @Vistaus: to be fair, every build of Windows has started out with a lesser minor version number. XP was 4.1 in its earliest form. You can’t start out with Windows 7 build 7.0 for an M1 build.. it doesn’t build up to much then does it?

  12. @Long: don’t you think that you’re leaning out the window quite a bit lately?
    @Matt S.: laugh out loud…

  13. It’s just a build of Vista Service pack 1 with a re-skin to make it look different. You can tell by the version number. Windows Vista is version 6.0, and this version in 6.1 thus being service pack 1 to Windows Vista.

  14. sigh…. lol Windows 2000 5.0 XP 5.1 Server 2003 5.2? Win 7 can easily be 6.1 because like i said above win 7 is just a codename right now.

  15. am impressed with the speed. the tester is using a normal T5500 core2 with 2 gb ram. vista shouldn’t be this fast on a pc like this but this edition of windows 7 is pretty fast to me, kinda reminded me with xp.

  16. This is why I ask, why bother blogging about this to this extent? If anything its hardly any further along in development than SP1 is…

  17. Eric, If SP1 is coming out in March. Then there is a big difference in where they are in development between SP1 and Win 7.

    And why not post about the rumors and initial ideas about a new OS. Its part of the fun. Its the people who take M1 screenshots to seriously that ruin the fun.

  18. Cloud02, it’s the new implementation of MS’s new 3D UI, projected onto a post-it note. Looks darn real to me. How are they doing it?


  19. @Long

    Please read this:

    As a Windows enthusiast, please help MS deliver a great product instead of spreading rumors. It raises unrealistic expectation and more importantly, flame the iDiots and freeTards to diss the product. You know that whatever Win7 turns out to be, they won’t like it. It’s just the way they are… So better keep the suspense…

    Unless all you are a iDiots/freeTard undercover or, you want more clicks on your Google ads 😛

  20. It’s only M1 guys, they’re not going to increment the kernel version for awhile especially since it’s built on the NT6.1 kernel which hasn’t even been finalized yet.

  21. I see this more as Vista modified by some registry hacks. Why do people want to speculate such a lot and create hype on Windows Seven? Didn’t we learn something from Vista? I request Long to consider the importance of Microsoft products and unless given anything out from Microsoft, let us not speculate and create hype on upcoming products. Its just not looking good.

    Here is an a nice post –

  22. Chakkaradeep,

    its not a big deal. there have been leaks on every version of windows in development, not just vista. microsoft isn’t promising anything, so it can’t overpromise like it did with vista, and its not a big deal, so people need to chill out

    and anyway, its obvious which screens are fake and which aren’t. i don’t like being lectured by people who worry about the difference

  23. I think this video is fake. This look like Vista. Beside kernel 6.1 is a vista sp1 kernel. There are no changes i mean minwin and etc..Where is new kernel, new system files?, new sidebar in windows explorer. I really don’t see anychanges except the 7 !!

  24. @Michal : you haven’t seen the new bootscreen? and the new “right click” drop down menu on the desktop is different as announced…

    but yes the video does not report the sidebar in windows explorer… and the minwin, was already in Vista.. I think .. so you could not see any difference about this !

  25. I think you all underestimate how much can be changed with skins and resource “hacking” tools.

  26. I dont think they changed the kernel in SP1 so Im pretty sure they are using the RTM kernel.

  27. Anyone who believes that he actually has windows 7 running is a complete idiot. 50 seconds into the first video it CLEARLY states that the version of windows running is 6.1. The 6 is vista’s version number (XP was 5 FYI) and the 1 means it’s the first revision (service pack 1).

  28. Are you a moron G..
    Matt S.
    Jan 26th, 2008 at 4:04 am

    sigh…. lol Windows 2000 5.0 XP 5.1 Server 2003 5.2? Win 7 can easily be 6.1 because like i said above win 7 is just a codename right now.

  29. Yo, people! Has anyone seen a Windows Vista logon screen on a computer that’s joined to a domain? DUH! Brooke’s video looks exactly like that!
    Plus, what’s with the damn 8 stuck with tape on the screen?

    Also, the first video…you can easily modify Windows “Vista” with Windows “7”.


    Check for yourself. This one’s Home Basic, but the Ultimate looks exactly the same

  30. i think people are getting the version number confused with the codename. Windows 7 is the codename. as with previous versions, MS begins building the next iteration using the latest of the existing code base, in this case it is Vista Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2008. that is why the build number appears as 6.1.xxxxx because that’s where they’re starting from.

    Vista wasn’t version 6 until it RTM, and if you recall it was 5.x right up until the very last moment.

    Windows 7 is a codename, not a version number.

  31. Well the programmer who did this is very good (not quite, medium knowledge maybe) it’s all windows 7 and all but the funny thing that all seem to argue on, the look of WMC, is that it is exactly how i have it on Vista and if you watch carefully 😀 the information in WMC is the only think he hasn’t edited, it is written Windows Vista, but good try to make a fake windows 7 that there is no info on yet, maybe after another year or so.

    Again good job on the hacks to bad you missed WMC and you actually filmed that it is Vista.

  32. Ahhh! The wonders of Photoshop and Image Ready.
    All of this can be don by someone with good skills on both programs and screenshots of Vista.
    I actually managed to do so myself… Except My version was Windows Crappy, where the boot screen said: “Cause Microsoft just doesn’t care.”, as a joke to one of my friends who praises Vista here and there, where I think it is the biggest dissapointment in Windows History.

  33. @Deej

    This is a video… not a photo/picture.

    I think your comment is the biggest dissapointment in this thread’s history. Your mumma agrees.

  34. windows 7 = vienna
    windows 8 = fiji

    Microsoft wants to go on vacation
    (WinAir, anyone?)
    (Let’s hope it doesn’t CRASH on the way…)

  35. Vista is a great operating system, I think it got bad press because the end user didn’t adapt to it quickly. I remember when XP came out all the complaints and those same people that were complaining to me about XP aree now complaining about Vista and saying how great XP is. I can weeks without re-booting Vista, XP I still need to re-boot that OS I think Microsoft is going to get a bad rap everytime they release a new OS because they will never work out all the kinks until it is on the street that is the true test and then after the updates are out it seems to fade! So as soon as everybody is done crying about Vista they will release a new OS and we will just move into that like cattle

  36. I don’t believe this is real. How could this one person have a copy before so many other people? And having a look at System, it shows the build version. Can anyone clarify if that’s an accurate legit build version?

  37. I hope they fixed the glitch that makes it hard for builders to load the OS on a NEW HARD DRIVE… I STILL can’t get Vista to load on any of my machines…and I wound up loading them with Win2k…the last flawless OS Microsoft had…even though they had four patches for it…

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