Office Labs: Future of personal health concept


Also during the “Beneath the Surface: The Natural Experience Vision” at Microsoft MIX08, Daniel played the video created by Microsoft’s Office Labs used to show off their vision of personal health systems for the future. Nothing in this suggests it will be realized anytime soon, but it had some great ideas for both devices and natural user interfaces which the presentation was about.



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  1. Cool. Just a niggling detail, though… I would imagine that most folks wouldn’t want their prescription order projected over an entire wall for everyone to see. 😛 Unless they really hate HIPAA or something? It might save you some trouble if you see that the cute girl in front of you is picking up her Valtrex order, though. 😉

  2. haha!

    That’s so Apple looking…Microsoft has got a big issue finding it’s own character, I mean come on, Vista is basically XP with a little Mac dose

  3. @the ad mad

    You’re obviously a knowledagble computer know it all sought of person arn’t you and I like TOTALLY agree that it’s so Apple looking at that Microsoft just can’t find their own style and so they instead have to steal Apples. Right on the money in my opinion.

    So subtle.

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