Microsoft: Future of personal health (video)

The concept video produced by Microsoft Office Labs that was shown at a MIX08 session last week has found its way to the interwebs. Unfortunately it is a rip from the official MIX08 session webcast so the quality to begin with is not that great, and YouTube doesn’t do it much justice either. Having said all that, you can still get a pretty good idea of what Microsoft foresees as the future of personal health management with some advances in natural interface interactions.

The scene with the pill bottle and a colored ring surrounding it on the table to show which pills to take is my favorite.

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  1. Thanks Long for noticing it. It was ripped by me in order to show users of my site another great video done by MS.
    Speaking about concept, I should say that it is great and promising. I wish I lived in that future 🙂

  2. I love concept videos, especially Microsoft’s. It really shows what a talented envisioning team they have.

  3. Yes, that is a great video of concepts.

    Interactions and small PDA’s like everyone has is so close to being a reality.

    That chick has a nice butt too.

  4. nice very nice….deeper2k to the rescue!

    thanx my friend! i have been waiting to see this, thanx for the linkage Long!


  5. Cool vid. Seems like more hardware innovations than software. Two big things that stick out for me…Cool hardware and connected-ness of all the systems. Great stuff.

  6. these video concepts are so cool. Nice to see, except I doubt the near future will be as high-tech as that.

  7. Nice. Except it’s pretty much guaranteed to show up on the Paleo Future blog in fifteen years, where people will ridicule it and express disappointment at how little progress was made since 2008.

  8. Nice. If anyone has ever been to Microsoft’s ehome they will notice a few of the elements in this video there. One thing that instantley pops into mind is the pill on the table concept, with proximity censors and all — can all be seen at Microsoft’s on-campus eHome.

  9. Really nice. But where are the whole UAC and other security features that should prevent doctors and nurses to mess up the prescription, appointments and stuff ?

  10. @steveballmer What the heck is your name and u said that its filmed in your house , what a crap, u moron.

  11. I can already see all the hacks and exploits making this tech future so… tedious, slow, unfriendly

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