Neat Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 packaging

If you thought the Windows Vista or Office 2007 packaging was fancy, then check out this awesome re-usable packaging for the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000. Some people have complained it is difficult to open, but I think it’s innovativeness makes up for it. The product name however falls on the opposite side of creativity scale.


At first look it might appear to be just another transparent plastic shell, but then…


It rotates. So theoretically if you were at a retail shop, you could easily take a look all around the mouse without removing the packaging. It makes more sense for this mouse in particular because of the presentation buttons at the bottom.


Of course you could also do this.

Cut here

On the back, it has these two tabs which helps you cut away the packaging.

Or not

Unfortunately the result is still an ugly mess of sharp plastic edges and ripped cardboard.

Carrying case

The reusable part of the packaging is actually the clam-shell hard casing which spun around. The case also fits the USB/Bluetooth receiver at the bottom.


The battery compartment is actually very cunningly hidden under the casing which you access by clicking the Microsoft Laser logo which pops open a panel below it. It’s all very secret-agent like.

Laser pointer

Speaking of secret agents, there’s also a built in laser pointer which is not the biggest or strongest in the world, but certainly would be practical in a presentation.

Over the next couple of weeks I have a few presentations to do so I’ll certainly be road-testing this mice out. But as for what it is now, a wireless Bluetooth mouse, it certainly is one of the lightest and most comfortable I’ve seen and used.

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  1. nice.. maybe I could switch to Microsoft to give it a try .. but hey … the usb receiver seems so BIG…

    I’m so impressed by the VX Nano … mmh.. hard choice for a laptop

  2. Since it’s bluetooth, you probably don’t need to use the included reciever if your laptop already has bluetooth built in.

  3. Nice packing, nice mice…but I won’t exchange my Razer DeathAdder πŸ™‚
    Nevertheless it’s a good variant for wireless fans.

  4. are these packages, which u can hardly ever open (annoying!!), environmental friendly?

    tbh – i sometimes wonder if elderly people can open such packages…

  5. Nice mouse πŸ™‚
    i’m currently using a logitech v470 bluetooth mouse with my laptop, which i bought because it doesn’t come with a bluetooth dongle πŸ™‚
    Those presentation features would be neat, though!

  6. I think it is a little childish. And I really hate such packagings because it is really a pain to open them without cutting off some fingers. “More is more” seems to be the concept behind MS packagings. What to expect for the next version? Blinking LEDs and a small talking speaker?

    I love my MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, but the packaging was something they should use for 2 kilogram of meat and not a sexy gadget.

  7. Thats an awesome mouse, but I dont get why so much packaging is needed
    i mean whatever happened to going green?

  8. agreed.

    There are some good concepts in there, but this packaging should only be applied to “showcase-models”. Microsoft can really cut down on costs to themselves & “the environment” (whatever that means) by reducing unnecessary material.

    As for the name, hmm, Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000,
    could be changed to Microsoft Mini Presenter Mouse 8

    or a completely new name like
    “Mus” or
    “Nimh” or
    “Stuart Little” or
    “Speedy Gonzales”

    all of the above are related to mice

    or, I dunno why, but “Photon” sounds like a great name for this mouse

  9. That one’s packed. Makes me wonder how the battery life is. Be sure to include that in your review. Also, Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger! (Sorry, it’s a few hours belated since I’m in the US, but I still hope you had a good one!)

  10. I am using this mouse for a long time and its fantastic (except that it eats battery a lot, lol). Use rechargeable batteries and you will enjoy every moment using it πŸ™‚

  11. The mouse seems really nice, but I think this an utter waste of plastic. I’m betting most people, like me, don’t recycle plastic. So all this excessive packaging is really a waste. It makes it harder for users to open, it’s made from petroleum (non-renewable!), it goes into our landfills, and it’s not significant enough to make a neat built-in retail packaging.

  12. Not to spoil your post, BUT i have had one of these for over 12 months now and it’s the same as the original packaging back them πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve also had one of these mice for about 12 months. I love the plastic carry case (it comes with a wrist strap as well), and the packaging is well designed to include that case in the outer packaging.

    The battery lasts several months for me. I use it with the built in blue tooth of my laptop and have just recently started using it as my primary mouse rather than just my traveling mouse. It’s a bit small as a primary mouse, but until I find a good full size blue tooth mouse replacement for my Logitech G7 that my one year old son has mauled πŸ™‚

  14. With the inclusion of the laser pointer, wouldn’t this be considered a weapon in Australia?

  15. @Blair… no because its a red laser, it won’t go “miles”… its the green lasers they’re going to attempt banning.

  16. I’ve had one of these for about 12 months.

    Yes, they’re really nice, and quite handy for quickly doing mousing tasks where you don’t want cables cluttering things up.
    I’ve also used it for playing games too – it’s more than responsive enough for me.
    Also, yes, it works just fine with the built in bluetooth on your laptop. (I’m using it with a Dell Inspiron 6400)

    My only complaint is that the auto-sleep functionality is still pretty hard on the batteries. Several times I’ve been in a rush packing up my laptop+mouse, and forgotten to flick the Off switch. Unless I remember to switch it off within a few hours, it’ll probably be dead the next time I need it.

  17. The mouse is nice, but imperfect for me – it’s too small for my hands. Also I find it hard to use the lazer pointer without accidentally pressing the buttons on the other side (which will usually trigger a powerpoint next or back in a preso). The clear plastic shell for storing it in makes it great as a laptop mouse. As one commenter speculated you don’t need to use the bluetooth dongle if your system is already bluetooth capable.

  18. YES! I have been using this little gem for several months now. Works great with my VAIO TX laptop built-in bluetooth – so no need for the included dongle. I agree with previous comments on the smallish size. I don’t have HUGE hands, but it takes some time to get used to it. I am a university lecturer, so that was fast. I use all the time as a laptop and that’s where the small form factor comes in handy (as well as the hard palstic case). Great product. Highly recommended!

  19. I just saw this post on my rss since I was away working for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 India Finals. When I was there, we were given this mouse for presentation so yeah, I’ve seen it and had my hands on it πŸ˜‰ I liked it πŸ™‚
    If only you’d have seen it 2 weeks later, I could have said “Haha, I’ve used this before you!” but sadly, you’re too quick Long πŸ™‚
    Cheers Long =p

  20. Can the software for this presenter be configured to make a bleep (or some other sound) each time the next PowerPoint is advanced to? Or if not are there any other presenters that work on Windows 7 that will do this please? Thanks, Andy

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