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You might have heard the buzz about Microsoft’s Live Mesh software-as-a-service platform launched over the past week and wondered what all the fuss is about. Well you probably didn’t get very far before you were stopped in the registration process to find out it was invite-only. Apparently it’s a necessary to help them scale with demand.

Today, LiveSide reported how existing Live Mesh users can invite other users using the folder sharing dialog and thus it’s beginning spread slowly since each person who accepts the invitation also receive a few invitations of their own to give out.

As soon as I got my own invite, I started thinking of the original “Gmail invite sharing” website and began to build one for Live Mesh. Thus, was born. If you would like a Live Mesh invite or have one to share, I encourage you to check it out.

In case you were wondering, this only took me roughly seven hours from to design, develop, test and deploy using PHP and MySQL. I owe most of it to Dreamweaver and Uniform Server.

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  1. Or you could just follow the Microsoft Connect Application process… I did last week and received an invite from MS in about 48 hours.

  2. Thank you so so much Long, I was eager for an invite, and got one from you πŸ˜€

  3. I really like the idea of because I also tried the MS Connect way to get an invitation, but still didn’t receive any answer. (Suppose it will take a little longer…)

  4. So, I signed up and received an invite received (Thanks Robert!). Only problem, nothing in the e-mail explains the rest of the signup process. I’ve tried going to the Live Mesh site, signed in with my e-mail used for the invite (a Passport/Win Live one), and it just takes me to the official Live mesh Wait List Page (which then goes to Connect).

    Is there is a part of the invite I missed?

  5. @Chris: I believe that might be a bug because you didn’t use your Live email to register, so the invite was not sent to your Live email. I know it shouldn’t make a big difference in theory but I think they’re doing some weird behind-the-scenes stuff that stops it from working.

  6. Great idea, only one problem…

    Sharemesh seems to ignore registrations for non-Hotmail/non-Live email addresses, of which my Live ID is one (as are many peoples I imagine). At least that’s what seems to happen; When I registered with my main Live ID the confirmaton email never arrived. When I registered using a secondary address it arrived instantly.

  7. Long: I used my Live e-mail (custom Office Live domain delivered via Hotmail). I’ll try again with a true Hotmail address. Seems like Andrew also saw the problem.

  8. “Powered by PHP, MySQL and little hamsters”

    Made me laugh XD

    +Awesome Idea and ta!

  9. great idea, Long

    but why you always gotta use non-MS technologies like PHP instead of ASP? lol jk

  10. Thanks Long πŸ™‚ This site is an awesome idea! (not to mention it looks pretty good for 7 hours development)

  11. @Long Zheng, I signed up for an invite and I was surprised to see an invite today morning. I clicked the link provided in the mail, your website told I have been now removed from the waiting list, but still If I go to and login, it says me to sign up and takes me to Microsoft Connect.

    Any idea what is happening?


  12. @Long Zheng, here is the message,

    “Unfortunately, the person who invited you to share this folder has exceeded the number of invitations they can send during our tech preview program”

    [ Bummer…Then why send an invite (grrrr) ]

  13. @Chakkaradeep: I’ve manually reset you in the database. You should be in the waiting list again.

  14. Hey Long, doesn’t work with address. I signed up when there was 22 users, haven’t received one yet. πŸ™

  15. Dang. I clicked that link and signed up, all the while thinking it was a Microsoft-created site. Then I realized you’d done it.

    You’re kickass designer. That’s not surprising, though, since this site has always looked nice.

  16. Yes … Google ads … yes. I can totally see those. Not being blocked or anything. Cough.

  17. I got an invite at 5am (UK time) this morning, but when I clicked the link, it said “Unfortunately, the person who invited you to share this folder has exceeded the number of invitations they can send during our tech preview program.” Long can you reset me in the database too? The user who sent me one must have sent again. πŸ™ Thanks!

  18. @Long Zheng, Thanks a lot! I got my invite and it worked this time! Hurray!

    @Steve, you have the similar problem what I had. Check my comments above. I am sure @Long Zheng will help you πŸ˜‰

  19. Great Idea Long,
    Now only if I get an invitiation. My (code) name is Abdullah. Find me on the page. πŸ˜‰

  20. I love the Mesh idea in general. Still waiting to be approved from the Live Dev team through Microsoft Connect. Hopefully I can start testing it out next week.

  21. PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver… all industrial strength Microsoft products. Oh, wait a minute… πŸ˜‰

  22. I signed up via ShareMesh and Connect but I’ve only received two “registration verified” emails from ShareMesh πŸ™ (strange as I only signed up once)

  23. I’ve signed up on ShareMesh but I haven’t got my registration email. I’m using my Live ID address, but it’s my own domain, not a or address, is there a way to get this to work for me?

  24. @Andy Simpson: You should still receive a verification email even if you don’t use a Live ID, check your spam. But if you do get an invite, it may not work with Live Mesh.

  25. Long,

    I signed up at sharemesh using lituuslimacon attttt hotmail dottttt com
    but never got any verification mail from it, not even in my junk folder

    I have three linked accounts with Live, does that make any difference?

  26. I applied and never received a verification email. What do I do now? I cannot apply for another one as it tells me I already have one… πŸ™

  27. the idea to help together with RECEIVING and OFFERING invitations is really great! i like this kind of initiative =)
    if anyone can offer me an invitation, i give soon the two ones to the community of

    I can’t wait to test Live Mesh Tech Preview! πŸ˜€

  28. Long,

    I signed up on the waiting list on with the email address I used for this post (I guess YOU can see it, as this site’s admin).

    I never received an invite, but I got an email from Sharemesh saying that “an anonymous donor has sent me an invite” and that I should click on a link to unregister from the wait list. Now, I did not receive the invite (not even in my junk folder), and I cannot sign up again on Sharemesh using this email. Can you please reset me in your waiting list so that I can receive an invite from someone else?

    Alternatively, I have another Yahoo-based Live account. Can I get on the waiting list using that email? Please advise.

    Thanks for the service. πŸ™‚

  29. @Kishore Kalidindi: If you did not click the “confirm” button which you will find if you click the link in the email from Sharemesh, then you are not removed from he waiting list. You will still receive invitations from others.

  30. Hello Long,
    I’m in the same case as Kishore, I received a mail saying that I received an invitation, but I did not receive it yet (and I unregistered myself before I understand I should ‘t have do it). πŸ™
    I contacted the people inviting me on Mesh, but no answer … :/

  31. I’ve put my address into, but never got the email to confirm my registration. And it won’t let me try again. Could you add a “resend confirmation email” option?

  32. I too seem to be having a problem with the sharemesh site; more specifically, I haven’t yet received a confirmation e-mail, but I am unable to resubmit my information to get another confirmation sent. My e-mail is lacronicus (at)
    if you could re-send my confirmation, that’d be great. Thanks.

  33. [ —– I need an invitation —– ]

    I just need to be seen to be invite and then to have fun. Make me happy; I’m looking for an invitation since few weeks now.


    philo (at) live [.] com

  34. ALways idiots posting comments on the blog saying ” I want an invite please send me an invite here’s my email thanks”.. HOW ABOUT READING THE DAMN BLOG and going to the website.

  35. I went through the process on sharemesh but never received the invite. Any suggestions?

  36. A little more info…. I went to the sharemesh site, put in the required info with email of [email protected] but have not received an invite. What do i do? Is there a solution to this?

    (Sorry about what is essentially a double post on the same thing)

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