HP HDX “Dragon” notebook giveaway winner

HP DragonYou can stop refreshing the page now. If you’ve been holding your breath for the last couple of hours in anticipation for the drawing of this website’s31 Days of the Dragon” giveaway, seek medical attention immediately. The rest of you read on.

When I set out to design my contest, I opted for something easy and straightforward because we’re all a little lazy. With over three-thousand and seven hundred (3700) entries, I think I can safely say now it was easy enough.

At the same time I also designed the contest in mind of all the Windows Vista user out there who really wasn’t getting enough lovin’, so I’m also proud to say a thousand and eight hundred eighty-four (1,884) of you – just over half of the entries – took advantage of the bonus offer by turning on the Customer Experience Improvement Program in Vista. Hopefully you’ve kept it on.

Before I announce the winner I also want to mention users who have attempted to abuse the system like the one guy who registered using 6 different AOL emails are automatically disqualified. For your information, AOL emails in sequential numbers stand out.

Without a further ado, the winner is Andrew Stockdale (@gmail.com). For your information, I don’t think this is the same Andrew as the leader singer of Wolfmother. If under the rare circumstance it is, I will redraw.

If you didn’t win, you don’t have to resort to violence. There are still a handful of opportunities to win left on some other sites who’s still accepting entires. Good luck.

26 May – 02 Jun www.bleepingcomputer.com
27 May – 03 Jun www.hardwaregeeks.com
28 May – 04 Jun www.geeknewscentral.com
29 May – 05 Jun www.geekzone.co.nz
30 May – 06 Jun www.thetabletpc.net
31 May – 07 Jun www.gearlive.com
01 Jun – 08 Jun www.GottaBeMobile.com

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I deemed your site worthy of adding to my bookmark toolbar in Firefox. Great site I enjoy your content.

  2. So what if it IS Andrew the musician? There’s just as much chance that he’s a geek who would love to win this computer as any of us.

  3. Aww not another lose 🙁
    Anyway, best of luck to me and others for the remaining contests 🙂

  4. Congrats to the winner and thanks Long.

    LOL. Can’t stop my self from asking ;-), that was sarcasm about the singer or you really mean it? 😛 If yes why?

  5. Odd is, there are 3700 entries and I expect myself to win. And I didn’t. It breaks my heart. But congratulations, enjoy your new great, wonderful, best, dream laptop Andrew.

  6. Nice one Andrew! good luck with your new laptop! thanks Long for the competition!

  7. Congratulations Andrew, let us know how you go with your HP HDX Dragon notebook!

  8. Thanks alot guys. I was suprised to find I’d won – I never win anything. Or at least, I never did win anything. This pretty much is a dream laptop by anyone standards, complete beast. I’m really happy. Thanks to everyone, Long, HP and BuzzCorps!

    PS – I’m not the lead singer of Wolfmother. My singing voice is awful actually 😛

  9. You know, it will not feel a bit odd to imagine if buzz corps is saving their shipping expenses? 😛

    Congrats Andrew! Best Wishes. 🙂

  10. P.S.: I know this is unrelated but I have 2 Live Mesh invitations for the first two people who resspond. Give me email address in this format ( train at hotmail dot com) and your name.

  11. I want an invite to Live Mesh – nicholas541 at hotmail dot com – Nicholas

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