HP HDX “Dragon” notebook giveaway starts today

The “31 Days of the Dragon” promotion to give away 31 state-of-the-art HP entertainment notebook PCs is nearing an end with over 16 lucky winners already chosen and only 8 more chances left to win.

Today this site is kicking off its giveaway in a slightly more traditional and chaotic manner with a simple random prizedraw. That’s right, if you were too lazy to write a story, take a picture or make a movie, this is as simple as it gets. But there’s a twist.

The first part of the giveaway is easy. Head over to the giveaway registration mini-site and submit your full name and email in the form provided. One person is only eligible to submit one entry. If duplicates are detected, you will be automatically disqualified. But if you really want to increase your odds of winning, there is a legitimate way.

To obtain a bonus entry in the giveaway, you will need to be using Windows Vista. Why? Because Vista users gets almost no love and are even shunned for using the latest technology instead of its 7-years-old sibling. It’s a shame everyone’s being suckered into a hate campaign devised by media companies to sell more ads.

Without rambling on too much, the bonus entry involves users to voluntarily participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) of Windows Vista. No, this isn’t paid by Microsoft although I wished they did. I’m asking you to enable CEIP because it is really the easiest way for you as a general user to help Microsoft improve Windows (and other applications) without any work on your behalf. I for one have enabled CEIP on all of my PCs.

The data collected is entirely anonymous and secure. Some of the information they collect include performance and reliability metrics (ie. percent of time an application failed, average length of time it takes to complete an operation), usage (ie. number of notifications) and configuration (ie. most common processor speeds, distribution for screen resolution).

An example of an outcome from CEIP are improvements to User Account Control. “Vista used CEIP to track the real world UAC prompt frequency and the top reasons for UAC prompts. This data was used to make design changes that reduce UAC prompts in unnecessary scenarios.”

To claim your bonus entry, you will need to download a run a small 100KB application which verifies you have enabled CEIP. Special mention to Rafael Rivera for making this possible with an undocumented API call in Windows.

This site’s giveaway ends in seven days on the Sunday, June 1 and winner will be announced soon after. Good luck.

Update: The winner has been announced.

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  1. Alright, I’m in. But I don’t have Vista, so I just entered my name and email, is that all?

  2. @Kareem: That’s right. If you don’t have Vista, you will just get one entry in the giveaway. Maybe a good time to consider trying Vista? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Note that you need to run CEIPVerify “As Administrator” for it not to crash if you have UAC enabled.

  4. Now I’m very happy that I bought Vista! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck to everyone who enters, Vista or not.

    Thanks for the chance at winning one of these beasts.

  5. Dear World,
    Everyone should stop hating on the Vista. IT DOES NOT SUCK! IT DOES NOT CRASH! IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU BSOD(blue screen of death)! I’ve had enough of this. even PCworld Magazine (i no longer read their magazines (they seem to be brainwashed by apple computers inc.)) is writing articles that imply vista sucks. WELL, IT DOESN’T! since i’ve installed Vista for about a year, i have not had one single BSOD, or system crash. It is also so easy to use that my grand parents understand and they even know how to use Vista to it’s full potential. People who say vista sucks mostly haven’t even used it themselves. Didn’t your parents teach to not spread rumors about something you don’t even know about, and NOT to pass rumors that other people started and have not been confirmed? How would you feel if people go around passing a rumor that’s not true about you? saying that you suck? Well, it’s not nice and sure as heck you won’t like it. So all that talk about how vista sucks, is a LIE. In some cases, vista does crash, but first, you need to know why. IT’S THE STUPID HARDWARE MANUFACTURES (research shows that Nvidia causes the most crashes on the Vista Operating system while Microsoft (Vista itself) is responsible for only 10%)! They failed to provide stable Drivers for Vista so everything would work together, instead, they whipped up something cheap, and sent it to everyone. So instead of hatting on the Vista. Hate the Manufactures. And in some cases, people say vista sucks because of hardware incapability, well, in some cases, it’s also the Manufacturer’s fault, but in others, it’s YOUR fault. You don’t install the latest OSX on a 5 years old mac, do you? NO, you don’t. Then you don’t go installing Vista on a 5 year old computer and expecting it to work. When technology is developed everyday, as it develops, it gets more sophisticated, it requires more power, more speed. Why do you think our Computer’s Processors (CPU) went from 300Mhz to 3.0Ghz? Well, it to make things faster. Vista uses that to provide you with a wonderful experience, now you say, But i’m going to play a game, and Vista is going to use all my computer’s resources and make it slow! Sad to tell you, No. it doesn’t. Vista would disable it’s resource demanding interface back to the Classic interface (think of the classic interface as XP, no cool glass effect) so your games can use the resources available on your computer and not slow down your games. and that my friend, is the WOW in Vista.

    -Roy Cheung
    Proud User of Windows Vista Ultimate x64.

  6. Cool, thanks for doing this! I just entered both the normal way and the bonus way. Thanks again!

  7. I’ll have Vista if I win? Haha. If I could run Vista, I would, I assure you of that.

    Anyway, I highly applaud your support of Vista and the sleek design on the mini-site!

  8. If anyone is having with the application crash using Internet Explorer, please do not “Run” the application. Save it first, then run it. This is a security zone issue with Internet Explorer.

  9. Thing is, my computer isn’t capable of running Vista, not that I’m holding anything against it.

  10. @long, the CEP check application if the system is behind proxy. I am behind my University Proxy network and the application fails saying me to “Scream Long Zheng” ๐Ÿ˜€ , lol

  11. @Chakkaradeep: You won’t be able to do this at home or somewhere without a proxy? If not, I’ll approve you manually.

  12. I am also in, would be twice if this old thing could run vista lol
    No matter, if I win then I could sample all the exotic fruits of the Vista tree.
    *cross fingers*

    Thanks Long and HP for a chance to win one of these awesomely huge laptops of doom ^_^

  13. @Long: It was disabled, read the message and got that enabled, submitted my entry ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you.

  14. Thanks Long. It’s nice to see that the vista hate backlash is growing. Yours is been one of the more interesting Dragon contests! Hope I win!

  15. Thanks Long!
    I’ve got a problem with the bonus: the app saids it couldn’t find my email address, although I have entered it on the mini site. Should I try entering it again? I’m afraid that will be counted as a duplicate entry.
    Ps: The application saids that I’m eligible (CEIP is turned on :p) and it is running with administrator privileges.

  16. @Long :/ I entered the contest but when I want to submit the bonus entry I can’t because it says it can’t find an entry with my e-mail address.

  17. Thanks Long! Also, just wanted to confirm what Wouter is experiencing, as I am getting the same error, even with administrator privileges.

  18. Sorry guys I just discovered a major problem with the database. It was only accepting the first couple hundred entries. Please submit your entry again just to make sure you’ve signed up. It will tell you if it exists or not.

  19. Also, is there a delay between my registration completing and being able to submit my Double chance from the checker app? I’m getting the following when I try to submit:
    Bonus Entry Registration Message
    Sorry, I couldn’t find an existing entry registered with this email address. Please verify your email address and re-submit.
    E-mail address is the same as the one used for posting this comment.

  20. @Wouter, Edootjuh, Michael, Nidonocu: Please resubmit your original entry.

  21. Is that everybody resubmit? Or just the ones who have been having trouble? It won’t disqualify me will it?

  22. If you have already done your Windows Vista verification and it works, no need to resubmit.
    If you’re not sure if your entry has been received, resubmit using the same email and it will tell you if you have an entry or not. This will not disqualify you.

  23. Thank you Long! It works now.
    I wouldn’t be able to live without Vista and have had CEIP on since Beta2 ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. @Long – I hate to be a naysayer, but what about people who have used Vista, loved it, but don’t have a computer running it right now? This isn’t as bad as the Windows Now site where you had to show a demonstration of Vista, but sheesh. Maybe people are trying to win it so they can have Vista (instead of buying it like the cheapscape I am)?

    The FUD on Vista is the best (in terms of a campaigns of FUD, I’ve seen few match this). Those behind it (and they know who they are) have really done a nasty. Lucky for Microsoft there is a major campaign or relief coming this summer. Watch for it guys!

    In any case, I love your site for the contest, it really puts the 31days official site to shame.

    And I know it won’t affect my chances, but if I win the laptop, I’ll run CEIP just for you. ๐Ÿ˜€
    (Not really, I do bug reporting anyways. But its the thought that counts.)

  25. @Yert: I totally understand where you’re coming from which is why I give everyone the opportunity to have a chance in the giveaway instead of limiting it just to just Windows Vista users. If perhaps you use Vista computers at work, school or a friend’s place, you could very well run the verifier there.

  26. @Yert, I think as entering this competition is as simple as to just give your email address and get into the draw (unlike many rules & regulations posted by other websites who already have completed this competition), having a constraint like – you should be already using Vista – seems nothing wrong to me. When people are there spreading FUD on Vista, I really appreciate Long in taking steps to give importance to Vista users. Now people can say – “YaY! I use Vista ๐Ÿ˜‰ ” (well, though this is a competition, its good, isn’t it ? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  27. Done! Good luck to all in this “drawing”. Vista Home Premium has never let me down! For anyone that doesn’t know how to enable the Customer Experience Improvement Program, here’s how:

    The CEIP control panel can be found within: Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions > Customer Experience Improvement Program (link in the bottom left corner)

  28. At least we can enter though. The Green Button isn’t allowing anyone to enter unless they were registered for the site well over a month ago. Talk about anti-reader.

  29. Thanks for hosting the contest. Congratulations on your contest mini-site, by far the best and most attractive among all sites involved. I’ve just entered once (I can’t take the second option). Good luck to everyone who did too. I appreciate your sense of humour, Long Zheng. I think we were relatives in some of our previous lives. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I have been running Vista since it RTMed and have never looked back (WITHOUT a highend pc, HA..lol). And I have always turned CEIP on in every new install I’ve made. Windows as well as Office, I never saw a need to keep it off.


  31. Long, you had me ROFL with this “Steven Sinofsky is ineligible to enter this competition.”

  32. Well, I do have vista and it did download, but as soon as it was completed I got a notice that I was inelligible for the second entry…could someone explain, help?

    Thanks so much, Barb

  33. Well, the CEIP app keeps crashing it said the following:
    Sorry, something is broken internally. Scream at Long Zheng then try re-submitting your bonus entry again.

    I have tried this 5 times so far and no luck. Also, I must mention, I had a bit of a problem downloading the application itself. When I refreshed the Mini-site page it said, sorry, our records indicate you are already in our database. I hope this does not disqualify me. The application just would not download.

  34. @Andre Da Costa: If it is crashing, make sure you save the application (on your desktop) first then run it, don’t run it directly. But if it’s giving you an error, are you behind a proxy or something that might stop the application from sending a HTTP request?

    You’re not disqualified for refreshing the page. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. This is so nice idea to promote Vista and turning on CEIP on lots of installs, if I were MS interface developer, I’d send you flowers and hire you into marketing team :)).
    Well done!

  36. This is heartwarming, people getting rewarded for sticking with Vista through thick and thin…

    Hope I win! Because if I don’t… *Fistshake*

  37. Well, I don’t like the Vista bonus idea because I can’t really use it in my computer, but well.. let’s try it!

  38. Entered with the bonus entry.Thanks.I’m keeping my chance low/nill though.I always suck at random contests.Thanks for the opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Finally, something for those of us that, like you said, are lazy.

    Some of the things they’ve been asking you to do on these sites are just a bit crazy… not everyone has the time to write 31 different stories or whatever.


  40. I like this contest. It’s simple and nondiscriminatory. It lets people discover your site and gives them the chance to win something great. The bonus entry appears very well thought out and the mini-site is spectacular.

    After creating an entry for thegreenbutton.com’s contest only to see that the rules state that new members get turned away, this contest seems like welcome relief.

  41. Help Long…

    It accepted my e-mail then I ran CEIPVerify.exe and it just tells me…

    Bonus Entry Registration Message
    “Sorry, I couldn’t find an existing entry registered with this email address.
    Please verify your email address and re-submit”

    I didn’t use the gmail address I use here on the forums so you won’t be able check it and see if my address is registerd unless I give it to you and I don’t want to give that address out here on the forums.

  42. Just to add to my previous post, the first step worked and the site stated that my entry was accepted so I’m assuming that part worked fine.

  43. Do you feel lucky punk!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Getting users to install Vista snoopware is bit low init.?

    Now I heard the bonus entry disqualifies you automacticaly( don’t ask where, I can’t remember now) ๐Ÿ˜›

    btw if MS hasn’t got a friggin clue yet on what it must do to improve things from what Vista was then I don’t think they’ll ever ‘get it’. Looking at supposed Win 7 progress so far I don’t think they got a clue yet.

    Anyway good competition page Long at least you put the effort into making a nice enticing page most the other competition sites sucked ass including there rubbish competition requests for entry.

  44. @directimpact: The CEIP bits are baked into Windows Vista, whether you like it or not. Opting into the program enables the transmission, once a day, of little bits of information like how many times you crashed and how many times you saw a UAC prompt, if enabled. It’s hardly “snoop-ware”.

  45. I just entered but i do not have vista because SriLanka does not sell original copies

  46. @Long – You should have the user agree to keep Vista on the Laptop until the next Windows OS, enable CEIP, and then to send an email to Steven Sinofsky. Better yet, lets have a diffrent contest where we all email Sinofsky asking him about Windows 7. ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. I’ll have to skip the bonus entry because I’m currently not running Vista.

  48. “The CEIP bits are baked into Windows Vista, whether you like it or not. Opting into the program enables the transmission, once a day, of little bits of information like how many times you crashed and how many times you saw a UAC prompt, if enabled. Itโ€™s hardly โ€œsnoop-wareโ€.

    lol.. man see this is just another reason Vista blows.. this stupid OS is even trying to track how many times its pissed off a user.. no wonder it sucks in so many benchmarks what else is it wasting cpu cycles and hdd accessing doing… not only that most of the so called improvements to certain key areas of the OS.. like ooh I dunno the Explorer window are shit.. seriously dog shit improvement.. no wonder so many clued users don’t bother with vista.. its not really much an improvement at all in certain areas and its more at a disadvantage in the decent third party tools that don’t work on it and the developers who can’t be arsed to bother with vista somewhat stupid changes.. so another +1 suck for vista then.

    “Vista trolls like you donโ€™t deserve this laptop.”

    wah wah waahh … more deserving pfff lol

    so anyway if the competition run fair at all it will just be a random pick.. but you Vista noob-boys have a better chance, so good luck ๐Ÿ˜›

  49. While a GMail address such as [email protected] works on the main page, the CEIP verifier does not accept it.

    Because of that I had to add another entry without the +dragon on my email address – Please don’t disqualify me!

  50. Oh my god, you did a very well designed minisite! better than someother full sites i’ve seen.

  51. Submitted both the entries.
    Its a nice idea for the competition to make people aware about vista.
    And I fully agree that people just are spreading hate against Vista, I am fed up of such things and I am also fighting against such campaigns by informing Truth about it.

  52. Ok hopefully this will invite some people to finally give Vista is a chance, Great job Long, keep up the good work.

    *Crossing Fingers* ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Let me guess: Advertising revenue was the reason you also threw in The Orange Box.

    Nice of you to be that thoughtful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. My computer can’t run Vista, so please give this Dragon to me so I can use Vista ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. @PRCI: Thanks for noticing the problem. I’ll correct it in the database so you won’t be disqualified. We’re trying to get it fixed in the application too.

  56. Long, I only have one question………….when are you going professional? With all of your amazing work, I keep expecting to find a post where you have been snapped up by Microsoft, Hp, Dell, ZDNET, etc. The subsite is awesome, the idea of improving Vista through having customers activate CEIP is unique as well. At some point, would love to hear why you support/report on MS so much. Is it the intrigue, positve experience, finding your niche, or something else? You have definitely started something with this website.

  57. OK, I lied. Had more than one question………………………….sigh…………………need to hire my own proofreader……………..

  58. I also got the “Something is internally broken. Scream at Long Zheng and then try again” error; this may be due to me booting my native Vista install under VirtualBox, with only 512MB of RAM given to it. I already had CEIP enabled, so I do qualify for the bonus entry.

  59. “Vista users don’t get enough love” isn’t really a valid reason to punish people not using Vista, but okay.

  60. @Long – RL just asked the same thing I’ve been asking for a while too; when do you “go Pro”? The quality of this site is really high, and the journalism must have Sinofsky shaking as you find every secret, job posting, patent post, announcement or wha’ver gets out in the opening. Wouldn’t the best way for them to get you to shut up (but keep talking) be to hire you?

  61. Hello,

    Me & my brother use the same computer, does that mean one entry for us or can we post two entries?


  62. @Uthaya: As long as your brother isn’t imaginary, then you can do two entries.

  63. I would have joined the WCEIP program in Vista, if I had Vista.
    I would have used Vista, if I had a Vista Capable computer.
    I would have a Vista Capable computer, if I win this contest.


  64. I have to say that i was surprised with Vista and that on the 2 computers i’ve tried it on (One Dell XPS 420) and one awful laptop ๐Ÿ™‚ They both handled and ran it incredibly well.
    Also the DX10 is very realistic!
    Good luck to everyone!

  65. Hey Long,

    If I disown you and never speak to you again, will I be able to qualify for this thing?

  66. Hello Long Zheng, you allowed Uthaya to do two entries using the same computer for his brother and himself. This confirms that we are allowed to enter more than one person per household as the contest rules don’t say that you can’t do that. I’ve entered my older sister, me, my mother, and my father. I’m holding off on entering anyone else. Can you confirm that I’m allowed to submit an entry for everyone in my family? Thanks!

  67. @Shan Gee: Family is okay if you use different names and email addresses for each.

  68. Thanks for the information sir.I would like to enter my family too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this opportunity sir. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Finally! A decent reason to have Windows Vista installed on a machine, and more importantly, run the Customer Experience Doodad (which I have been running for a while)

    Good luck to all, but more so to the person that looks back at me when I stare at the mirror. :p

    I actually already have two HP machines in my mist, one Compaq and one Presario, both pre-filled with the dreaded crapware (which I might add, although boring to do is easy to uninstall) but both lacking compared to the beast which could be won here….

  70. Thanks for answering that Long, I had asked a similar question. I was wondering if you were going to automatically disqualify entries from different people from the same IP address.
    (Family (each person) entering the competition from the same household)

  71. @ Long :- I’ve mistakenly submitted the CEIP form twice (clicked the SUBMIT button twice) & the program submitted my email address twice saying that it has registered a bonus entry.I hope, that doesn’t disqualify me.Thanks for understanding.Btw, the mini-site looks stunning & everyone is right.Best non-discriminative way to enter a contest so far.Thanks a lot for making this so easy for us & for giving the opportunity to most people.Best Dragon contest i’ve entered so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Hello Readers,
    I have just entered, I need a new laptop aswell, I just can’t afford one at this moment so hopefully I will be lucky hehe.

    Lee Jarratt

  73. One question, Is it absolutely certain that Buzzcorps is going to be paying the taxes on this laptop? I heard somewhere, where the taxes are over $1000 in the US.

  74. @Sushruta Bhattacharya: You’re fine. There’s merely a bonus entry bit in the database that gets flipped to 1 upon submit. Multiple submissions don’t affect anything other than Long’s logs.

  75. Hi
    I have made my entry i want to be sure that I’m not getting disqualified because me, my brothers and my Friends entered our entry from my PC so please confirm me that I’m not getting disqualified because of the same IP using in entry’s.

  76. Mhmmm nice competti :)) Good luck Everyone! I’ve been using Vista since Nov ’07 from MSDN AA – for me – the best OS ever! But cannot start aero since my pc is to old for that ๐Ÿ˜€

  77. @Khaled Sheta M: IPs aren’t tracked, you’re safe.

    @DanaG: Try downloading the latest client from the mini-site and try again (it has quietly been updated a few times).

  78. S W E E T !

    Thanks for the opportunity to play. Best of luck to EVERYONE!!!!!

  79. I’ve signed up, hope I win. I have joined the ceip when i got vista 16 months ago, does this still count or do i need to sign up again.

  80. @Mike: You won’t need to enable CEIP again, but you will need to verify it with the little application on the competition page.

  81. greeting gentlemen….

    wish u all da’best

    (I even have signed up yet….)

  82. @Long, hey there, following the same principle of your contest. What about giving a third chance to those that use Windows Vista Ultimate? Just a suggestion.

  83. This is a lot of fun: going to all these sites to enter for a beastly laptop. I might add that the mini-site here is by far the most well-designed that I have seen, ; )
    Good luck to everyone!

  84. ” The winner will receive the prize at a time after the competition closes and before infinity.”

    Before infinity ? This is quite interesting hehe.

  85. ็œ‹ๅˆฐ็ฝ‘็ซ™ไธŠๆœ‰ไบบไป‹็ป๏ผŒๆ‰ๆฅๅˆฐ่ฟ™ๆทก้›…็š„ๅšๅฎขใ€‚

  86. I ran the app…it opens a window that says “input your email below and click submit”: there is no “below…there’s nothing under the last statement…no place to enter my eddress…

  87. in response to the guy above defending with a huge paragraph of words;

    i agree. i havent seen a blue screen of death..or equivalent (unless they replaced it with hot pink or something) since using VISTA. It is faster, in terms of productivity, i never loose a file…ever! Start menu > begin typing what you think you cant find > BANG! its there in the list. Same with programs. Sidebar is brill. Dreamscene…hardly use it (use it to show of or if round)

    Why do people hate it? UAC dont bother me at all. Check out neowin.com story. It actually helps protect your pc its not there for Microsoft to annoy you read for yourself: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/08/05/25/tests-find-vistas-uac-nails-rootkits

    anyway, i have entered this competition becasue my current laptop’s graphics card is rubbish and dell wont bring out a new one. Funny thing is this HP-HDX is just like my dell laptop which is a XPS 2010. the HP has blu-ray which i need (i was supporting HD-DVD, will miss it) my laptop only comes with a dvd drive (i found out though that american shoppers can get Bluray for their M2010 Via dell.com – so unfair!).

  88. with the new soundscheme installed on windows vista ultimate, i was watching a UWE Boll interview on Kotaku…then i hear the soothing new mail notifcation sound, look i flip 3d to my windows live mail desktop (dont you love microsofts naming protocols lol) and at the top…in my inbox.

    Drum Roll Please…..


    ok ok most of you already have this and its not exciting to you anymore, but im in the UK and we didnt get to join so early on.

    right im gonna stop typing now cus i want to use it.

    bye bye, Long i will facebook you.

  89. Vista works much better than XP in my case.Though it runs very slow on my crappy machine but it’s still much more secure & stable than XP.After going for Vista, there’s no BSODs & lockups happend for me which ware used to happen in XP quite often.Vista works great with new hardwares & new device drivers.

  90. Vista, in my opinion, is a very good operating system; albeit, it does have it’s ups and downs. The weird thing is ( I just reinstalled it because it was getting too cluttered and slow) it keeps telling me I have to restart explorer every few minutes…not giving me any other option than restarting. What happened to waiting for it to respond? Oh well, I probably just have to download an update or something.

    Anyway, back to the vista-xp thing, Vista also looks much better than xp.

  91. Sushruta
    May 28th, 2008 at 3:10 am
    Try downloading it again Mike.

    I have the same result…

  92. Even though there’s little to no chance i will get this, i only entered because it looks pretty cool (for an HP), sort of reminds me of a desktop computer, and most of all because of Vista. Also, i was wondering how thick the laptop/notebook is (when closed). I went to HP’s site, but couldn’t picture it in my head, so if anyone would like to give me a comparison i would appreciate it.

  93. Why do you think, you have no chance ? Everyone is eligible from around the world.So, everyone has a chance.As they say, you gotta be in it to win it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. It’s still saying “Something is Broken” when I run it. I even booted Vista natively this time, and redownloaded the application.

  95. I’m so excited for this giveaway! I was in the Lockergnome giveaway and did not win. ๐Ÿ™ But I still have a few more chances…! So, i’m ready for another breath-taking giveaway! P.S. This is something you REALLY want to have. Trust me. This is a BEAST computer.

  96. Yeah i know how that feels.Lost 100 contests so far.Hope to win this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Good luck to all!! Hope I win would help me alot, I could use it to help others with virus, spyware, etc. problems and such, well I am training for that now but would help me with with giving me more space to work with!!

  98. good luck to all on winning that beast of a laptop…
    when i first bought vista its was really awful have some problem with software compatibility
    after the issues was clear its great and i think its the best os out there…!

  99. Well, it’s getting closer…tomorrow will be the day of checking email all the time I think ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Would a broken .NET framework be the cause of the “Something’s Broken” error? (I ask because my .NET framework IS broken.)

  101. hey guys, im soooooo exited for this! I’ve been in a ton and couldn’t win! I think the easiest to win was lockergnome’s giveaway. He chose just from about 100 people.

  102. I’m just curious if they already sent the email…can you give us info..?..I’m checking email all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. I don’t think they have drawn the winner yet.I’m sure Long will let us know when they will have the winner.Also, i think, the winner’s name will be announced here in this blog or maybe in a new blog.Just hang tight.I’m sure Long will appear very soon.

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