New Zune logo animation: very cool, still sort of trippy

Whilst some may have unlocked the secret to the M.C. Escher Zune logo, most people are still left pondering “what the hell is that thing”. Besides the announcements today of the new models and features in the updated firmware, the Zune brand is also sporting at least 2 new logo animations which are worthwhile pointing out. There’s one at the beginning and end of these official “guide” videos.

Whilst I’m not sure if the animation is suppose to make it any easier to understand, but it’s sure pretty to look at. As an added bonus there’s also a cute chime in the background.

As some other people have suggested it would be pretty cool if this animation was used as the startup animation on the Zune at boot (not resume at standby though), sort of like the XBOX360 startup sequence, giving it a bit of extra flair.

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  1. I would really want a Zune, if you could sync it with Windows Media Player. Until then, having a Zune would force me to use two Media Libraries on the same PC. I need WMP because I use Media Center.

    Plus I haven’t noticed any in the UK yet either.

  2. @Matt: Absolutely, I’m keeping away from the Zune (and iPods, for that matter) for that very same reason. I *want* new, shiny hardware, but I **DON’T want** another software player, not with another library, and specially not one that looks and behaves like an alien. So, I’m keeping my old Creative Zen + WMP for as long as I can.

  3. It really is quite sad that, between WMP/WMC, Zune, and Xbox, Microsoft doesn’t have a unified digital media platform…

    But back on topic–slick animation. Would definitely be nice for boot-up (either on the device or software–but I wouldn’t want to delay the software, so maybe it could just play in the corner). And unlike that guy you linked to, Long, I like the Zune logo just the way it is.

  4. @Matt: Honestly, I think that Microsoft should merge the software, but use mainly the Zune software. It has a neat interface, even if not worth the duel library hassle.

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