Preliminary Windows 7 WinHEC 2008 sessions posted

With Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) happening a week apart from each other in late October, there’s going to be an extraordinary amount of Windows 7 information communicated in such a short time.

A couple of months ago people began uncovering a bunch of Windows 7 related sessions published to the PDC 2008 agenda, and now more recently some Windows 7 sessions has appeared on the WinHEC 2008 sessions list too. Some interesting ones highlighted.

Connected PCs and Devices

  • Audio Design for Unified Communications
  • Building a Communication Device in Windows 7
  • Building a Windows Certified Electronic Picture Frame
  • Common Driver Installation Errors and How to Diagnose Them
  • Design Considerations for Building a Windows Home Server
  • Discussion: Windows Home Server
  • PC and Device IDs in Windows 7: What You Need to Know
  • Plug and Play Basics
  • Printer Driver Development Tools and Print Verifier
  • USB Technology Update and Windows Strategy
  • Windows 7 Device Experience Overview
  • Windows 7 Logo Program and Design Considerations for Network Infrastructure Devices
  • Windows Connect Now for Wireless Devices
  • Windows Logo for Network Media Devices and the Role of DLNA
  • Windows SideShow: Building Better Devices and PCs

Core Platform & Fundamentals

  • Distributing Drivers on Windows Update
  • Leveraging Solid-State Drives in Windows
  • Making Drivers Available on Windows
  • Network Power Management Fundamentals
  • New Developments in the Storage Platform
  • System Integrated Flash Storage
  • UEFI Industry Momentum: The AMD Perspective
  • Windows 7 Power Management Overview
  • Windows Logo Program Future Strategy

Enterprise Computing

  • BitLocker: Protecting Portable Data in Windows
  • Directions for Virtualized I/O in Windows
  • IPv6: Deploying the Foundation for Tomorrow
  • Microsoft Data Center Transformation
  • New Windows Server Logo Requirements and Programs
  • Server and Domain Isolation: The Next Generation for Network Security
  • Understanding the Performance Cost of Power Optimizations
  • Windows Presentation Virtualization
  • Windows Server Power Management Overview
  • Windows Virtualization and Cluster Shared Volumes

High Fidelity Graphics and Media

  • DirectX: Core Graphics for Windows 7
  • Discussion: Windows Media Center
  • Display and Monitor Technologies
  • Perspectives on the Windows TV Tuners Ecosystem
  • Video Improvements in Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Logo Program for TV Tuners and Remotes
  • Working with the Windows 7 Graphics Architecture

Mobile Computing

  • Connecting Projectors and Using Docking Stations with Windows 7
  • Multi-touch Designing and Testing for Logo Compliance
  • Multi-touch Driver Development
  • Multi-touch in Windows 7 Overview

For the moment, WinHEC 2008 seems to have the leg up with more interesting Windows 7 content than PDC. However I’m sure both will balance out closer to the event when all the sessions have been finalized. Unfortunately for me, I can’t attend any of them due to exams *sigh*.

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  1. DirectX: Core Graphics for Windows 7 & Working with the Windows 7 Graphics Architecture – nice nice nice – finally we will (really?) get decent graphics natively for applications?!

  2. I feel your pain. For I cannot go due to an edumacation as well.
    At least it will be online for free. So no worries about not going to PDC.

  3. @long: man, you just have to add to your article that you have exams and can’t therefore go there… oh duh – it already stands there 😉

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