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  1. I guess they need walls after all. Shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the powers of the wall 😛

  2. Why is that a bad place to put the ad? Does this in anyway suggest “Oh dear, but I’m looking at a wall, hence Windows must obviously have walls too”?

  3. Huh. I guess I just don’t get it then. Then again, I’m pretty tired of the meticulous overanalysis of everything ad-related that comes out of Redmond.

    I personally thought it was a pretty good idea. Showing an impassable barrier and then positioning Windows as the opposite. Makes sense marketing-wise, to me.

  4. A big LOL!

    I guess they are trying to tell people that if they had a Window at that particular place it would provide an alternate exit in case of emergency, as that particular door wouldn’t be enough in an emergency.

  5. ohh the irony… a life without walls… and a convenient exit door instead 🙂 WoW, I might just have to find that door, if Win7 turns out to be crap aswel, lets see if they’ve learnt ANYTHING. And going by the Win7 blog i can’t help but feel MS still makes software for noobs, all the statistics, and noob feedback jeesh they ain’t got a clue. As a power user I wouldn’t even waste my time providing feedback there. As a side thought maybe those dummies at MS might go get the strokeit developer back on board cus nothing beats mouse gesturing for control over UI functions. Course thats just a tiny small thing that would help improve things.

    Windows [] Life Walled In 😉

  6. yeah that is a bit of irony at its finest!!

    the multi-screen video playing of the dog running across the displays of notebooks is really cool though!


  7. I find it funny that it’s their motto at all. I’ve never heard of a Window existing without a wall.

  8. The irony is how long it took someone without a clue to say Microsoft didn’t have a clue in reply to the post on irony.

    Windows: Life With Lots Of Evangelical Nuts Trying to Make You Stop Using Windows

  9. Go to any Home Improvement store you can see and buy Windows with out walls. Life with out walls, is a catchy slogan for Microsoft, that can be a double edge sword. If they ignore their customers request, their putting up walls, for me it’s way to high of a bar for Microsoft to hurdle.


    To which I say, “Who needs Windows if you don’t have walls?”

    What was Microsoft’s marketing department thinking when they came up with this oxymoron of a marketing campaign?

  11. My house would get very cold without walls, and as much as i like (yet not like, at the same time) Windows, i have to agree to disagree with their new campaign. I like my walls. 🙂

  12. Come on, guys…

    Ok, maybe it’s not the greatest campaign, but you can find out what they mean.

    Imagine you’re in a closed room: ceiling, ground and the 4 walls…now, suddenly, a great WINDOW appears (or some “windows”)! Ta-da! You’re safe. You can go out. You can see the world outside. You can escape this obstacle (the closed room) and move on. No walls to keep you in. That’s it.

    Yeah, you may find it lame, stupid or whatever, but this is what Microsoft Marketing Department was thinking when they came up with the idea. Narrow-minded, in my opinion, due to LOTS of misunderstanding and wrong interpretations, but hey, now you know. 😀

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