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If there’s one thing better than walking the offices of one of the greatest game development companies in the world than it is walking the offices of one of the greatest game development companies in the world and walking away with freebies to give away! I am of course talking about Valve and three (unfortunately not four) Left 4 Dead – the most awesome zombie game in the worldmerchandise shirts.

To win, you must submit a 2000-word report with at least 4 academic references on why shooting zombies with friends is so fun. No I’m just kidding, but you still have to show you’re a fan of the game. To be eligible to win, submit a comment below with a URL to your Steam profile showing you own Left 4 Dead. For example, here’s mine. Contest ends Wednesday, 18 Dec 2008 (PST).

P.S. Two of the shirts are XL and the other is M. If you’re a Smurf, please avoid entering.

Update: Please don’t worry if your comment does not show up immediately, because you’re all posting links the spam catcher is filtering everything. I’ll eventually approve them all.

Update 2: Congratulations to JL Picard, Elton M. and Nicko for winning the shirts.

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  1. What an awesome game! Some members from our clan (and co-workers) have been zombie-whoring it up over the last few weeks. Lolz all around!

    Who hear has gone as a TANK and bashed survivors off the roofs @ Mercy campaign or past the houses at the end of Blood Harvest, level 4?

    Please please PLEASE valve – we need more VERSUS maps.
    Must. Kill. Zombiesssss…


  2. L4D is nothing special at all. Remove the achievements and nobody will play it anymore, unlike games like Quake 3 or original Unreal Tournament.

  3. I horribly disagree Andre F. Removing the achievements isn’t going to make a difference since the game is what is the thing. Most people only get achievements by accident, so I don’t see the issue with that Andre F.

  4. @Sasha: Long Zheng lives in Australia if I remember correctly. I won’t make a fifty-first state joke right now; I’m sure he hates U.S.-only contests as much as the rest of us (including me, who does live in the U.S.).

  5. i’ll own it as soon as i win it as right now im completely brokes and cant afford it but the demo was frikken awesome even my sister-in-law loved it for some reason.

  6. Waah, I don’t have Left 4 Dead! 🙁
    From what I see there are very few people entering the contest. Easier to win and easier to make me cry! 🙁 🙁

  7. Long, I play this game insanely on the 360. Am I able to enter? I can give you a link to my gamertag.
    On another note, they seriously need to fix the server/connection issue (the issue is it being incredibly slow) for Australians. And add some more campaigns and make all of them work in versus!

  8. Long are you dead? You’re not making any news wherein before I always read interesting things from u first. Windows 7 Beta kicked in and still no post. The builds have leaked and still no news from u. What’s happening? Gone are the days.

  9. Hey Long, I’m adding you to my Steam friends list.. i play at all hours of the day and quite obsessively. I love this game!

  10. Long,

    Completely offtopic: (don’t need a shirt; and don’t like them at all!)

    I use Opera (9.63 but experienced it in earlier version) and if I’m on the ‘Blog Home’ page of your website the mouse pointer disappears after a second.
    I’ve googled around and it is most likely a javascript bug.

    If it only happened within your webpage I wouldn’t care that much, but all other open tabs do experience the same problems. When I close the tab your site is open in (or just move to another page on your site, like ‘About this site’) all other tabs do not experience this strange behaviour anymore…

    Hope you can fix it.

    Have a nice holiday.


  11. M son is an xbox owner who purchased Left for Dead and has been playing it all xmas break – he is going on two weeks now and just stopped to catch up on homework. Lord of the Flies is nothing compared to shooting zombies. He said there is nothing like clearing a hallway of zombies with an auto shotgun. He aspires to interactive multi media and hopes to make a game himself oneday. Me I work in eBusiness and come here to get the latest trends, ideas, etc. He is an Xl by the way due to height.

  12. Oh no both of my favorite RSS feeds have gone blank for days and days…first Sean B’s Lost YouTube channel, now istartedsomething.com! Anyways Happy New Year all (even though it might be a little late in some places).

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