Windows 7 marketing initiative outlined

windows7There’s great marketing campaigns, like 5.5 million views of a blender blending things on YouTube, and then there was “the wow starts now“. A job posting published today looking for a marketing manager to be responsible for the Windows 7 marketing campaign gives us some insights into how Microsoft plans to pitch the new kid of the block.

Take a leadership role on the team that will bring Windows 7 to market. Be a part of the launch and sustain marketing for one of Microsoft’s most important products – Windows 7.

We are looking for an experienced marketer to help launch, develop and drive key consumer marketing programs for Windows 7. In this core product marketing role on the Windows 7 consumer marketing team you will lead a cross discipline v-team and develop and execute programs in alignment with the marketing strategy. Key components of the initiative include:

  • Capture the consumer’s imagination and spark desire for Windows 7
  • Build confidence in the Windows brand
  • Establish an understanding of the Windows 7 benefits
  • Spark positive recommendations for Windows 7
  • Deliver on the brand promise of compatibility

This specific role will lead three key aspects of Windows 7 launch and sustain marketing:

  • Develop, own end-to-end, and drive key marketing programs including an advocacy plan – a key pillar to our strategy
  • Establish the engine and rhythm for the consumer launch including project management across the 20 v-teams to insure accountability, consistency and world class marketing
  • Manage pre-release marketing

If you’ve ever wanted to influence how we bring a world class product like Windows 7 to market in the consumer space this is your chance.

Whilst most of the initiatives are pretty predictable, “deliver on the brand promise of compatibility” is likely to play a big part of the Windows 7 campaign, especially since compatibility was one of the biggest concerns (and also most misconceptions) that plagued Windows Vista.

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  1. Oh my… Microsoft might actually be serious about an internally lead marketing effort that is worth something.

    It’s a sign of the apocalypse!

  2. I highly recommend Microsoft to consult with the same team behind Windows Mojave and I’m A PC campaigns.

    Please do Not let the marketing people behind Microsoft Research SongSmith do the job!!!

  3. agree with the nonhacker – I’m a PC was a really good campaign. I know a lot about psychology and influence, and most people don’t understand just how strong Apple’s ads incorporated that. The I’m a PC ad totally destroyed Apple’s subliminal messaging.

    Microsoft is doing a ton of things right with Windows 7 – i’m currently only using Windows 7 (except for skype which I can’t get to run on 7) and it really, really rocks.

    that being said the job description is a bunch of nonsense.

    they should take the I’m a PC team and use all the cool stuff like multi touch, and create separate campaigns for business and consumers.

  4. I pitty the fool who takes on this job, cus they’ve really got their work cut out in todays market! trying to promote an OS that still has the resemblace to the shit bomb that is Vista, with a GUI in every default program so crap, nd a shity workflow experience to match, designed and tested by retards, minimal/useless and more steps to do the same shit… totally aimed at the nub market…. has it improved.. well only a nub would think so … Winshite 7 is pretty much just Vista SP2, all the so called improvements just make me laugh, just so pathetically crap, perhaps this is how MS destroys itself releasing crap products with piss poor improvements, but at least there are developers outside of MS that can still do a decent job of providing the features and customizability one would come to expect from an OS near 2010.. Just a shame most those things look and work better on XP.

    “Microsoft is doing a ton of things right with Windows 7 – i’m currently only using Windows 7 (except for skype which I can’t get to run on 7) and it really, really rocks”

    I feel sorry you, whats it like being a noob? Do you like Winshite 7 Explorer? Is your default browser IE8? please make me laugh, do you find the defaulty new taskbar an improvement in your workflow and productivity? Do you feel protected by the security and UAC..what exactly really, really rocks in 7?

    Saying that perhaps there are still people out there stupid enough to buy this BS. Personally I didn’t think the 7000build was even worth burning on a blank DVDr to test out, I should go delete it off hdd, the vm install was enough for me to experience the same shit, maybe all those shity send feedback dialogs might help MS get fucking clue, maybe they’ll gather up all those statistics and feedback and use them to show the world what they’ve discovered about there users in there next Engireering Windows 8 blog and how they’ve interpreted the results, so I can have another good laugh while they spend a few more years designing poorly featured crap.

    And where to begin on providing detailed feedback so much of it just retardedly badly designed.. personally I think this will be the same barely improved shit on final release. It is a shame whatever core underhood speed improvements are overshadowed by most of the top layer shit. If only they could do the same in UI/UX workflow and control, instead of going backwards in almost every area possible.

    7 to Fail

  5. I think the guy above me is jobless, uses linux and lives in his parents basement 😉 Have a good day testing Win7.

  6. Imrunt – Your comments are weak and feable like you, not to mention wrong 😛 Have a good to day using a Winshite 7

  7. I think Long should get a down-rank feature like Engadget…so that comments from individuals like the wonderful gentleman above can simply fade into oblivion, while those of us with respectable insights who actually have jobs can simply discuss without trolling.

  8. I love crap services…. A dig at the crappy Live services/products, they really do suck in so many areas. Just the Live mail app itself is so stale noob & looking, heck it can’t even tell you details on dl/ul speeds or accurate progress time est. when sending/recieving mail, and its general UI is a joke.. but at least they’ve got continuity on that one over all Live apps, they all look bad and don’t adhere to the OS style ..Or what about the general shity live updates where nothing improves anyway and makes you wonder wtf the point in that was for…good thing changelogs aren’t readily shown on updates. I guess its all designed by noobs, for noobs, Micronoobs.

    Atlest there is some different points of view, better than reading some of the dumb noob comments around here, but I guess if it wasn’t for them this place would be a little empty. And the points on “Winshite 7” specially the Explorer & IE or the pathetic ‘Theme’ support/customization which just gives me mega lolz as its so lame, they can’t do nothing right unless they are shown how or someone else just does it so they get a clue… Trust the Microsuck monopoly to develop such weak so called improvements. Maybe they should just offer it as a free SP2 update afteral, they might fool some into buying Vista that way.

    And here is a better comment rating system Long.. how about comment grouping, where all similar noob and clueless opinions can all be gathered and grouped in one section like sheep, and different opinions stand out instead.

  9. @Trolls: Then use something else, damn. If you really dislike it so much, don’t use it.

    For the rest of who don’t need to spend $1,500 on a $800 computer, we’ll use Windows with whatever hardware we want, and if we need a Unix based system, then we’ve got Ubuntu which is free. So go use your Mac and leave the rest of us to our business.

    Looking forward to seeing what they do with the new marketing campaign.

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