Songsmith plus black metal, hilarity ensues

Songsmith is a very powerful tool, and likewise, with great power comes great responsibility. This is an example of using Songsmith responsibly.

A contestant on an Austrian “Idol” television program chose to sing “The Brimstone Gate”, a heavy metal song. Regardless of your opinion on heavy metal, it’s probably not something you should sing without accompaniment. Which is why one user decided to test the tolerances of Songsmith’s vocal detection engine and generate an accompaniment for him. The result is a Benny Hill inspired musical you just have to hear to believe. The timing is just spot on.

In case you were wondering what the original sounded like, without the uplifiting accompaniment, click through if you dare.

11 insightful thoughts

  1. Its light tones will be the death of it (Songsmith, i mean). It should have some hard metal tones available. And then you can choose whether you want light and fluffy, or hard and serious.

  2. I’m Austrian and it’s cool to find somehting Austrian on an AustrALian blog! 🙂
    Besides: Starmania is one of the worst TV shows we have here in Austria.

  3. What in the hell is that guy doing.
    As a metaller why would he want to go on a idol show.
    Sometimes i think people just fake these kind of weired acts to get on the show main reel.

  4. What the f***. That guy looks insane. Anyways, Songsmith hardly changed what that akward guy is singing or mumbling or my ears!

  5. @Nicko: People like different things. Black Metal vocals (because its not really singing) are designed to accompany the melody played by the rest of the band. On their own, it sounds empty and odd, but with the melody of the music, it sounds awesome, if you are in to that sort of thing.

    Besides, he didnt sound good at all. He cant last 10 seconds on stage there, let alone singing like that for an hour and a half.

    Vocalists dont necessarily have to sing. Vocalists can chant, i.e. in native Brazillian tribal chants, ect. There are many many forms of music that involve no singing at all, and vocals that have no words spoken or traditional musical tones.

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