Microsoft Learning spoofs “I love the whole world”

Early last year, the Discovery Channel launched a very popular television advertisement called “I love the whole world“. The theme of the ad is an original song based on the camping song, “I Love the Mountains”. If you haven’t seen it, or would like to watch it again because it’s so awesome, here it is for reference.

As it turns out, “I love the whole world” can be adapted into many uses. Microsoft’s education and certification division, Microsoft Learning, took a stab at making a parody for itself. The video is officially described as “customers, partners, and Microsoft employees share what they love about learning.” More accurately, “geeks breaks into a song and dance.”

And because this was so awesome, here is another parody made with Halo 3.

Now I’m tempted to make a version in Left 4 Dead. Ideas welcome.

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  1. That is Sweet ad, the Discovery one that is.
    And yes a Left4Dead version would be…. FANTASTIC.
    Wonder if Garys mod can use L4D assets yet? Hummm…
    Cya in game – aka nutterguy.

  2. Hahaha… There’s a few parts in there that are kinda funny. Others that are quite disturbing.

    Now, the Halo version. That’s good, especially the Giant Squid part 😛

  3. Why don’t y’all like the Microsoft version… it’s great! Actually, I have a feeling that only programmers and those very familiar with the company will find it funny. But that’s ok. It wasn’t intended for everyday consumers.

  4. Being a ‘programmer’ and pretty familiar with the company I can tell you that means nothing to finding that funny.. it just wasnt funny..

  5. I’m a developer (using MS kit primarily) but that was only funny in a really quite painful/embarassing way.

  6. Learndeyada, learndeyada, learndeyada, learndeyada. I kinda liked the Microsoft version but the Halo 3 one was much better! Boomdeyada, boomdeyada, boomdeyada, boomdeyada!

  7. That was lame. Seriously. These guys are making a fool of themselves and their company. The discovery one was good but this was the lamest attempt at being funny I have ever seen.

  8. Well, if you are going to break the lyrics, heres a (poor) start.

    I love mercy hospice,
    such a refuge place,
    I hate the smokers, trying to steal my face
    I love this whole town, and all its sights and sounds

    boomdiata, boomdiata, boomdiata, boomdiata

    I like the boomers, even with their vomiting…

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