Try these Windows 7 ringtones

musicYou see, I thought we had all learned a lesson with the Crazy Frog and ringtones based entirely on repeating single-syllable words, but apparently not. BingTones are now invading public places around the world. In a bid to maintain social order, I come offering some ringtones from Windows 7.

As part of Windows 7’s new foundation for managing communication applications at a system level (for example, lowering the volume or muting your music when you receive a call on Skype), the operating system actually now ships with ten soundclips which can be used as ringtones, stored as WMA files under the “%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Ringtones” folder, for your personalization.

There is of course nothing stopping these ringtones from being also used on a mobile phone. As such, I’ve edited them a bit and converted them to compatible formats for your convenience. Enjoy.

As with any collection of ringtones, not all are of equal standards. Personally I find numero 2 the best, followed by 1 and 4. Number 10 just sounds like the end of a circus act.

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  1. I like these BingTones! I was expecting to find them in the BingTones official download pack but the tones weren’t, voices were. Did you check out the official BingTones by Microsoft?

  2. i think they are included in the windows live custom sign in tones or what ever the heck they call it

  3. I kinda agree with you. The best one in my opinion is number 1, followed by number 4 and 2.

  4. do you have the audio for the orignal sdk they were the best ringtones I have ever heard. these are ok

  5. My computer got hit by a ransomware virus that encrypted the ringtone files. Could you please make the original WMA files available for download so that I can restore them? Thanks

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