Bing “Syndrome” ads round two: pregnancy & local bar

If you liked the first set of “Search Overload ads” for Bing, then get ready for round two, appearing soon on a big screen near you.

It appears advertisements in this series, collectively dubbed “Syndrome”, each parodies a topic directly related to each of the four strength areas for Bing. Whereas the first two ads “Hawaii” and “Cellphones” covered travel and product comparisons respectively, these two new ads “Pregnancy” and “Local bar” incorporates health and local search. Enjoy.

[flv:bing-pregnancy.f4v 640 360]

Search Overload – Pregnancy

[flv:bing-bar.f4v 640 360]

Search Overload – Local bar

Oh, and I did a quick search trying to find the lyrics to the “Oklahoma” song, it’s number one result on Google, not Bing though. 😉

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  1. If you had searched for “Oklahoma song”, you would’ve gotten different results. And searching for something as simple as “Oklahoma song” or “Oklahoma state song” _is_ -by all standards- the most probable set of parameters a person would enter while looking for the song or its lyrics.

  2. @Eyas: I wasn’t entirely clear if it was a song or not, I’ve certainly never heard it as an Australian. My usual reaction is to search the exact words I hear, which is what I did.

  3. @Eyas: I also search the exact words in quotes, plus ‘lyrics’ if im looking for a song. I just assumed that everyone did this – maybe it’s somehow just an Aussie thing?

  4. @Long: You don’t know Oklahoma?!?!?!
    Wowo… you do realise it was in the stage show ‘Oklahoma!’ right…? Rodgers and Hammerstein? Surely you’ve heard it before.
    Geesh Long, I’m 16 and I know this. Tut tut.

  5. @Nicko
    Long’s 21. 🙂
    And isn’t it an American thing… I’m 17 and I don’t know what it is… hehe.

  6. @Tommo: Nicko is Australian too.

    @Nicko: I’ve never come across or heard of this song before this Bing ad. Never heard of the stage show or Rodgers and Hammerstein.

  7. @Tommo: It’s in Oklahoma! the musical… pretty famous.
    I dunno, I thought most people would have seen/heard it at least. I don’t even come from a particularly ‘cultured’ family but I know it. *hums to self*
    Actually, I’m sure if you listened to a soundtrack of the whole thing you’d recognise a lot of the songs. It’s just part of growing up… idk…

  8. @Long
    “Never heard of… Rodgers and Hammerstein.”
    What about “Sound of Music”, “The King and I”…? Yeah, they wrote/composed tonnes of musicals and like, got a ridiculous amount of awards.
    Go to a theatre Long 😛

  9. I’ve never heard of the Oklahoma song before, or any related musical.

    Remember guys, there’s a lot of world outside america 😉

  10. @Matt Sharpe
    I think this has already been mentioned – I live in Australia!!! Always have.
    But really, that’s a lot of people who’ve never heard of Oklahoma!, it is pretty famous.

    I assume you’ve heard of things like… ‘The King and I’, ‘West Side Story’…?
    No? *facepalm*

  11. Oh, and I did a quick search trying to find the lyrics to the “Oklahoma” song, it’s number one result on Google, not Bing though.”

    Yeah, try typing “Oklahoma lyrics”. How hard would that have been?

    “Oklahoma song” doesn’t even make any sense.

  12. Oklahoma! Is actually pretty famous worldwide. It was a huge hit here (US) and helped change the style of musicals and has had many international productions, not to mention a major film made of it. And Hugh Jackman, an Australian, starred in a revival in London. Just do some Youtube searches. …oh, a Bing video search, rather. 🙂

  13. @Mad Ad Men: I did not search for “Oaklahoma song”, I searched for the phrase I heard in the song, which I do always for songs I don’t know

  14. OK, where can i get a ringtone with the “Bing” sound, i don’t like the ones majornelson from xboxlive showed, there all like, “bong boon bring brang”. I just want “Bing” hmm time to rip some audio me thinks.

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