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As of two days ago, Microsoft has been indeed confirmed to be the new owners of the domain that one clever commenter on this blog made a note of almost a month ago (thanks Bob).

The transition of this valuable domain from its previous owners ContactOffice Group – an European company specializing in virtual office solutions since the late 90s – to Microsoft seemed to have occurred on August 4 2009 as the domain’s Whois record notes.

        Domain Administrator
        Microsoft Corporation
        One Microsoft Way 
         Redmond WA 98052
        [email protected] +1.4258828080 Fax: +1.4259367329

    Domain Name:

    Created on..............: 1999-04-19.
    Expires on..............: 2019-04-19.
    Record last updated on..: 2009-08-04.

One would be wise to assume Microsoft paid quite a pretty penny for this rare single-noun and vowels-intact domain that now make its Office Web application suite far more convenient to remember and access. The current Office URL,, never quite rolled off the tongue.

Now’s a good time as any to start F5-ing the site for updates.

Update: Robin Wauters from TechCrunch corrects a minor detail that the ContactOffice Group didn’t actually own the domain per se, but licensed it from a third-party under a sharing agreement.

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  1. Regarding the misspelling there. That html page was provided by the original owners I assume, after clicking the link. So my guess would it would be the fault of Contact Office. Althought it was created in office so someone forgot to F7.

  2. Well at least the Contact Office team used Calibri in the “Transtion” page, wonder if they had Times New Roman before? 😉

    But this is good, finally Microsoft was able to get this done. I see the Microsoft Office marketing team being really excited with being able to use “” now.

  3. Check out the Office Facebook page for Office news and tons of helpful resources to help you use all the features of your Office applications. You can post your questions to the Wall and get help directly from Microsoft!

    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  4. Given how premium that domain is…..i can estimate that Microsoft could have paid up to 10 million dollars for it if they had to bid over zoho, adobe or google for it.. but if they didn’t . it is still a 3 million dollars domain…the guy/company that owned must be insanely happy to get that kind of money..

  5. Does it annoy you that sites like Download Squad don’t credit you for finding it Long?

  6. @Adam: Generally it’s a little bit frustrating when sites don’t credit or miscredit. However in this case Download Squad did credit, just in a subtle way (third link in the article).

  7. That leaves Silverlight (Zune also seems to redirects to Looking at some single word branding successes from MS, Windows, Office, (Bing going up too), I wonder if they need a one word branding for WiMo too? Btw I remember read this news of getting taken by MS and remember visiting the page after reading it elsewhere a few days ago, so you’ve haven’t exactly broken this piece of news.

  8. Look at the source code, the HTML page is made using Word!
    There’s also more juicy stuff in the Document Properties:
    (o:Author)Jay Patel(o:Author)

  9. Is it? (the DOMAIN) worth a dime…so it seems….but is it, & what is the price?

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