Online gambling site Paddy Power taking bets for racial diversity of Office 2010 advertising

msstockphotoUp and until now I’ve avoided promoting online gambling services and would discourage people from participating, but I’m making an exception for this one.

If you thought the recent Microsoft racial diversity photograph manipulation kerfuffle couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, then why not get out your wallet and bet on it.

One particularly clever gambling site, Paddy Power, is jumping on the advertising racial diversity issue by hosting a light-hearted bet on the racial mix of future Microsoft’s advertising campaigns for the upcoming Office 2010 product.



[Dublin, Ireland] Following the recent controversy surrounding an advertisement on Microsoft’s Polish website where they superimposed the head of a white man on a Afro-American man’s body, Irish bookmaking outfit Paddy Power are taking bets on the race of those who front up Microsoft’s forthcoming major global advertising campaign for the launch of MS Office 2010.

According to Paddy Power a racially diverse mix of white, Afro-American and Asian actors/models is the most likely option and is the bookies 11/10 favourite. A white and Afro-American double act is the 9/4 second favourite with white only at 4/1 and Afro-American only at 6/1

Paddy Power said “This gaffe must have resulted in plenty of red faces in Microsoft but I’m sure that when it comes to the launch Office 2010 they will be ultra careful not be offend anyone”

Race of those who appear in MS Office 2010 global print advertising launch campaign

11/10     White, Afro-American and Asian
9/4       White and Afro-American
4/1       White only
6/1       Afro-American only
8/1       Asian only
10/1      Afro-American & Asian
12/1      White and Asian

All prices remain subject to fluctuation.

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  1. The truly important issue of course is whether Visual Studio 2010 will continue to address the important “Weird-Looking Guy With Eyes Way Too Close Together” demographic.

    Re. Office 2010: Any bets on the ads featuring people who seem to be getting more pleasure than is reasonable or healthy out of office productivity software?

  2. people care way too much what clipart shows up in ads…and for some people it’s a full time job to care deeply about this trivia

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