Microsoft Press Conference @ Mobile World Congress 2010 group liveblog: mark your calendars

Without a doubt, Microsoft has set its eyes on the consumer mobile space this year. Unless you’ve been hiding under an iPhone, you might have noticed excitement has been building around the mobile event of the year, Mobile World Congress 2010 where Microsoft is expected to reveal the much anticipated Windows Mobile 7 platform, among other things.

Join Tom Warren from and I as we will attempt to capture the live Ballmer and co. experience for all of you using the magic of capturing light and the English language in a group liveblog of the scheduled Microsoft Press Conference at MWC 2010.

Please check back on Monday, 15th of February from 3-4pm Central European Time (UTC+1) (find out when that is in your local timezone here). Alternatively for the organized among us, download the iCal.

Disclosure: I am attending Mobile World Congress as a guest of Microsoft Australia.

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  1. This is great and all, and we all really appreciate the fact that you guys would take the time and effort to do all this. However, won’t Microsoft have the live stream through it’s “virtual press-room” page? Just like what they do with every major event of their’s?

    And the fact that the “virtual press-room” is powered by Silverlight (meaning their live stream is always virtually lag-free and generally problem-free) makes me much more eager to use the “virtual press-room” rather than a live blog.

    And, just like with CES 10 and even MWC 09, MS will have the full keynote posted up after the event.

    Just saying.

    1. You’re right most likely Microsoft will have a live webcast of the event, but I think people still enjoy a liveblog due to the commentary, analysis and involvement (reader comments) it provides. I think both compliments each other quite well.

    2. Actually, I think it’s just the user commenting and subsequent discussion that complements the video. The liveblogging itself is always just you guys repeating what happens in the video. Maybe just open a chatroom for comments and forget about the blogging?

    1. Gah! Me and my lack of reading skills! (To be fair, it was the first result on Google… how could you have failed me, Google! :D)

    2. @Interframe: I use both Bing and Google (mainly Bing, and Google if Bing can’t find it, but sometimes I forget to switch back… ^^;) But in this respect, sadly Bing is no better. (For reference, my search was Microsoft Mobile World Conference, since I was really only interested in the keynote part of the conference.)

      The problem was that I’m so used to seeing “2009” in dates that I just sort of skimmed over that part. What’s worse is that I did it twice (once a week ago, when I set up my scheduler with the date, and just now, to check it.) I’ve come to conclude that I can no longer rely on my brain for anything useful. 😀

  2. Cant wait for WM7 to be unveiled and see the reaction from ppl. Too bad WM7 wont have multitasking initially.

  3. Yeah, I’ve got to ask, is it 100% true that there will be no multi-tasking? I keep reading of people up in arms about this and to be honest, I’m surprised they would take this functionality away if they had it before. Can anyone confirm if there’s any truth to no multi-tasking?

    1. Yeah, it is true. Its more due to lack of time, most likely a future update will include multitasking. I can also confirm that everything reported on PPCgeeks is accurate.

    2. It’s not true without confirmation from Microsoft. So please tell us where you heard them confirm this. Saying “It’s true” on the internet doesn’t actually make it true.

  4. Thanks Serious. I just hope people don’t automatically poo-poo (technical term?) the product before it’s released. Besides not having multi-tasking, I trust it’ll at least have some cool features.

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