Windows Phone 7 Series to have unified marketplace for apps, games and music

Although Microsoft is not talking about third party applications or the marketplace on the Windows Phone 7 Series here this week at Mobile World Congress 2010, a promotional interactive banner at the event is indicating that there will be one unified “Marketplace” for applications, games and music.

With the inclusion of music in this marketplace and all the other Zune integration on WP7S, one can only presume this is the Zune Marketplace in which case I’m going to have to ponder if this device is going to be as region-specific as the Zune. Hopefully for all of us outside of the US, the answer to that is no.

Update: From the press release, there will indeed be a “Marketplace” hub which “allows the user to easily discover and load the phone with certified applications and games.”

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    1. That’s not the ‘store’, no.

      One of their partners is Telstra… So no, it won’t be as region-specific? Marketplace will unlock in regions like Australia? Zune HD soon(ish) after?

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