Windows Phone 7 Series promo video

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Here is the Windows Phone 7 Series promotional video which Microsoft showed during their Mobile World Congress 2010 press conference today for your viewing or re-viewing pleasure. In a video clearly positioned against the Apple iPhone, Microsoft insists the industry has “become a sea of sameness and a focus on apps over the phone experience itself”.

Although as short as it may be, it does sum up what Microsoft positions WP7S to be, and that is, an integrated experience across activities and services blurring the boundary between applications.

P.S. I don’t recall the last time people cheered at a Microsoft event as much as they did during this press conference, but there was genuine excitement in the room as this reveal unfolded. A very well-produced presentation throughout.

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  1. I was wondering why Microsoft hadn’t published this video across its various channels when it is this video that positions Windows Phones ahead of the current concept of an app-centric device. We can see from this video that Microsoft’s new definition of multi-tasking does not embody different crucial functions working seperately and at the same time, but together, in sync, as one [“hub”].

  2. It’s going to be hard to decide between WM7 and Android for my next phone. And with Zune capabilities WM7 makes it more attractive since I am music junky.

  3. They’ve definitely got a point about the “sea of sameness”. I reckon this video would make a pretty good TV advert as well 😉

    Also… can you imagine this UI scaling to, I dunno, a HP 10″ slate or a Dell 5″ slate? 😉

  4. Wow, very nice promo video. Did you notice that there were no less than 4 iPhones or lookalikes in the part of the video with all the phones? Very funny. Really, Microsoft has really impressed me with this so far, and I’m amazed that they actually kept it under wraps this much. Great job!

    Now, when is Courier coming? 🙂

  5. It doesn’t even show how it is different or better, only that it is different, integrated (but how ?). Typical false promise by MS.

  6. Very impressive indeed. I’ve loved my Zune HD, and now I’m thrilled to know that the platform isn’t going away any time soon. This is exactly the mobile news that I’ve been waiting for… now hurry up Christmas!!

  7. @lhg….well, doesn’t really matter, you’re not going to be swayed by us anyway, but if you do want to see how it’s different from what’s out there today, go to Best Buy or wherever and pick up a Zune HD for a quick demo. Make sure, if possible, to turn on Wifi so you can surf the web on it and really play with the marketplace.

  8. I am sorry but I had to say this “The new beginning is already here: it’s called Android”.
    Windows phones have came, we saw them – and they failed. Not only did it fail miserably, but it also also ruined others, like Palm, who foolishly believed in the “hype”.
    I don’t understand how people can be fooled for years into crappy UI and than jump with joy at the first SANE thing the company does.

    Windows mobile will have to earn my respect through years of stable, innovating and intuitive mobile os. Promotional videos do NOT count.

    1. Palm was ruined by not updating their OS to match the competition (Pocket PC, and later, WinMo and Symbian.) By the time they had realised their mistake, it was too late – in fact, Palm only started selling WinMo phones long after everyone had written them off as ‘good as dead’. It wasn’t believing the hype – it was an admission of defeat.

      Even after they’d realised what had happened, the company was clumsy – there were several attempts to rewrite PalmOS, none making it to production. They then spun off their software division, in the hopes that they could incubate a new OS away from the main company. This didn’t work either, and, after PalmSource got bought by ACCESS and Palm underwent a reverse takeover from Handspring, it lead to the hilarious situation where Palm had to pay to license their own OS.

      Finally, Palm went back to the drawing board and came out with WebOS. Before then, everyone had assumed the company was composed of dead men walking, so to speak.

      Palm didn’t need any help in getting ‘ruined’, they were doing a good enough job by themselves.

  9. I’m also torn between this and android but by the time windows phones are shipped, there should be two sugary updates so we’ll have to wait and see

  10. This is a very good presentation by Microsoft company.
    It may be more useful and will be welcomed by these new,salient features on mobile world.
    As per my knowledge goes on free manner,still, so many miles to go nearer to Apple products.
    Best wishes to Microsoft company executives,directors and its staff.
    We will always like customer friendly products and easy applications for greater,constant usages and deriving maximum benefits from these products.

  11. Did you get shown the Office hub in detail? The walkthrough they had in their announcement didn’t show what happens when you try to open a document. Also, Windows Live Messenger is missing…

  12. 要是真的能有在空气中显示界面的技术就好了

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