New Windows Phone 7 Series promo from MIX10

[flv:wp7s-mix10-promo.f4v 670 380]

If a woman walking down a street didn’t do it for you, then a new Windows Phone 7 Series promotional video with a stronger emphasis on end-to-end scenarios was shown off at a Microsoft MIX10 session this week.

This Star Trek-inspired video takes you in to the lives of Anna and Miles, two made-up “life maximizer” personalities that the WP7S team uses to craft their product for. Scenarios demonstrated in the video includes taking and sharing a photo, playing games, messaging, social networking, searching and navigation. These guys obviously have a lot of free time.

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  1. “These guys obviously have a lot of free time.”

    So much free time they won’t mind manually writing bits of text down on pieces of paper & typing them back in when they want to copy & paste. 🙂

  2. I just hope they don’t want to use Wifi with a long encryption key. Gonna be difficult pasting it from that txt file. Oh wait, no SD or USB Mass Storage to get the txt on there in the first place…

    I really was excited about Phone Windows 7 Series Phone 7 Windows Phone. But the more I hear about it this week, the more it’s turning into iPhone. The sad thing is, by the time it’s released, iPhone 4 will be out and ahead – probably with multitasking.

    I guess the fact is I’m a Windows Mobile user i.e. I currently have and enjoy the freedom I’ve come to expect from a mobile computer. Microsoft’s target market is now the Average Joe iPhone User, who doesn’t care if the phone’s locked down as long as it “just works”.

    1. At least email yourself that Wifi key and then copy and paste it. That eliminates the need for taking out the SD card. Still needs Copy and Paste though. LOL.

      Also, they just said they couldn’t make C&P in for the preview for now. They didn’t say they won’t. That’s the media hyperbole you are believing in.

      As for multitasking, all WP7S needs to do is some Win-Tab thing that lets you go back to another app without going through the home screen. Every OS slows or pauses apps when they are inactive – even Windows 7 on the desktop does.

  3. @Pak-Kei

    Regarding the WIN-Tab thing, isnt that how “back” button is supposed to function? When you press the back button you go back to the previous application, where you left off, instead of going to the Home screen and launching it again. I heard in one of the videos that home screen is like hovering at a higher level and all your application ‘history’ is at a lower layer thus you can use back button to traceback your steps through various applications instead of going back to home screen. Ofcourse this is limited to only one way ‘back’.

  4. I see no comments about the actual video so I will oblige.
    I love it and think this is just as simple and genius as the “I am a PC and Windows 7 was my idea” ads. Real People using the device with an emotional storyline.

    Hope it airs soon!

  5. Copy & Paste will come to WP 7 but not with the initial launch. It will become available with an update. This is an official statement from Microsoft (French branche):

    “At the time of the launch, copy & paste won’t be part of the expereince on the first Windows Phone 7 Series devices sold. We have developed alternatives to the most common scenarios for using this feature that we will unveil in the coming months.
    Of course to complete the experience, this feature (copy & paste) is planned in future updates after the initial launch.”

    They’re just starting rumours to get the hype going. Bad publicitty is also good publicity. It wouldn’t surprise me if WP7 can multitask when they’re releasing it into the market.

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