Microsoft on the hunt for a new look?

Update 2: The original image has been removed by request. I’ve replaced it with an artist’s sketch, or an attempt at a sketch, for the record.

A set of string-themed logos for Microsoft’s many brands teased at the Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) event today might actually be one of many concepts the company has considered as part of an exercise to at least think about how they can refresh their image.

Over a week ago I noticed a vifro dubbed the “Microsoft rebrand intro”. The animation which lasts no longer than 12 seconds shows off a set of various Microsoft logos with a consistent glossed square shape.

When I first saw this I didn’t know what to make of it. I had a hunch this wasn’t “it”, but at the same time I didn’t doubt its authenticity. Now that an alternate version has been revealed, I can safely assume these are all submissions made by various creative agencies Microsoft might have contacted for a rebranding proposal.

Even though Engadget reports Microsoft is not actually committed to the design shown at MGX, you only need to look at all the Microsoft logos on one page to realize why a consistent new look might be a worthwhile investment.

Update: the video has since been removed.

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  1. Hmm, I don’t really like the “tiles” concept in the video (too many gradients and gloss), but the string-themed ones are quite neat. I hope to see more soon.

  2. These logos look good! establishes a coherent look for all microsoft brands. They would look nice as WP7 icons also

  3. Too little, too Late Microsoft!
    You’ve allowed your image to be tarnished too long by Apple with its stupid switcher ads. We’ve warned you, a lie repeated long enough becomes the truth; to get off you high horse and tackle the defarmation of charachter being perperated by Apple. Now you are waking up 4 years too late. The damage has been done, MS product is no more associated with cool. You’ve got yourself to blame; or can we say, you’ve got SteveB to blame.

  4. The concept, at least, would fit MSFT if they really push Metro across all platforms, which they may or may not me. Zune holds this look, as does the Windows Phone, as does Media Center, to an extent XBOX…

  5. does that also mean they finally will get rid of 9x icons in their OS ;p?

  6. Wow. Finally.

    And next get grid of the many different product sites designs, with different styles, with no overall design and overall navigation? I can’t even go to the main site on most productsites. Please?

  7. OMG

    Are we really starting to see a consistent design aesthetic from MS? We were debating that on another post. Seems metro ish, looks like a good step.

    Pull the trigger!

  8. Some of the current new logos are pretty good, such as the one for .NET, Visual Studio, Silverlight, Surface and Zune. They have an ethereal quality to it. But it’s true that they aren’t consistent enough when next to Windows and Office ones.

  9. Personally, I think all the new logos look pretty consistent, and pretty good. Mesh, Silverlight, Surface, .NET, Visual Studio, Worldwide Telescope etc. all have sort of an abstract, dynamic feel to them. I like ’em.

    1. Also, a pearl for all the ‘screens’ + cloud. Bright blue for the PC, green for the TV, dark blue for the phone and white for the cloud. Seems pretty consistent to me.

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  11. whoever did, why would you remove it, why didnt engadget remove it, why did NO OTHER page remove it? come one, play ok or don’t play at all like this

  12. the video posted here was a different video to that on engadget and other sites, featuring entirely different icons and logos. The video shown here was posted on vimeo and was removed by them not by Long Zheng

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