Arc Touch Mouse confirmed at USD$69.95 RRP

Over the past several days, Microsoft Hardware’s Twitter account has been teasing us with cropped thumbnails of an upcoming product leaving many to wonder what it might be, unless of course you’ve been reading my blog in which you know exactly what it is – the “Arc Touch Mouse”.

If you think you might be keen on a touch-enabled mouse from Microsoft, then prepare to shell out $69.95 green ones as a reseller price list from today has revealled.

Those numbers of course are not just any random digits. It’s no surprise they’ve matched the price of the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad which are its closest competitors, even if they’re not fully supported on Windows.

Keep an eye on where I’m sure it’ll make its official unveiling soon.

Update: The entry for the “Arc Touch Mouse” has been removed from the price list.

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  1. US only, of course. And according to neowin, not initially supporting multitouch. Why must they alway do the bare minimum and then very gradually improve it?

    Interested to see what the full thing will look like, though. What is visible so far doesn’t look very pleasant to use as a mouse. Nor very arc-like.

    1. I can’t imagine why they would release this without two finger zoom and rotate gesture support. I had been thinking about replacing my dual screen setup with touchscreen lcds. But after thinking about arm fatigue, etc..I think for desktop environments a horizontal solution is ideal. I’ll be looking to Arc Touch Mouse and competing devices to see what they have to offer in reducing cursor movement in a dual screen setup.

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