Microsoft readies Mediaroom for Windows Phone 7

Those who still enjoy their fair share of television entertainment through one of dozens Mediaroom-powered IPTV services around the world will be glad to know Microsoft already has a Mediaroom Client ready for Windows Phone 7.

A VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) document published on Microsoft’s accessibility website reveals a software unambiguously named “Microsoft Mediaroom Client for Windows Phone 7 v 1.0“.

Although the document itself reveals no features of the software, one can guess by looking at the Mediaroom client for Windows Mobile Microsoft showed off earlier this year at CES, you would be at least able to stream content from the service provider or content you’ve recorded on your own DVR.

The Mediaroom website also suggests you’ll be able to view the programming schedule and even remotely manage recordings from the mobile client. If you think about it, your phone suddenly takes on some of the roles of the remote. I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually replaces it entirely.

Like other components of Mediaroom, it’s likely this client would be the responsibility of each individual service operator to customize and distribute, but at least it shows off some other forms of entertainment integration in WP7 besides the Zune.

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  1. “Like” 🙂 It would be good to know about about any DLNA client/server status/support as well. I’d like to be able to “Play To” my phone (so-to-speak)

    1. “Play To” – to – your phone would make sense if WP7 offered a dock/charger that included AV outputs.

    1. I agree, though Microsoft decided against standardizing the connector. It would be nice if each WP7 manufacturer offered a adapter plate so their device could sit in accessories like a nightstand radio, speaker dock, av dock, standardized for Zune. I think they have decided against this approach…perhaps in favor of using wireless technologies. It would be great to have an inside scoop on this.

  2. I know that UI may be for announcements only but it looks really cool! AT&T showed a iPhone version of it but we all know MediaRoom is MS and AT&T product so I expect the best on WP7!

    1. After all it was the #1 desired/voted app in the WP7 App Contest. I’m sure well see apps that can access Guide, schedule recordings/etc and act as a remote. But I don’t think you’ll be able to access/view Live TV like a true Media Center Extender.

  3. @Liro. Unfortunately SaskTel will not be launching phone components until they can get a third party to build the interface for RIM (Blackberry OS).

    1. They’re supposed to be launching a 3G+ network on Monday, so they might add some decent phones to their lineup soon. Who knows what could happen?

      Speaking of Mediaroom, Telus Optik added support for Xbox 360 to their service in Western Canada recently too

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