Microsoft explores natural user interface ideas with interactive paper prototypes

During August de los Reyes‘ presentation on natural user interfaces at TechEd Australia 2010 today, he showed off a really interesting video produced internally at Microsoft for the purpose of demonstration a natural user interface prototype with nothing but paper sketches and stop-motion animation.

August who references Microsoft Research’s Bill Buxton, the fidelity of prototypes should reflect the stage of refinement, indicates that paper sketches and rough cuts not only reduces the effort required to produce the prototype but also is consistent with how early the idea is.

Of note in the prototypes are some interesting ideas, for example, using a chain of tags to present an list of options that can be expanded and collapsed easily, integrating help and “how to” into the experience instead of a separate view, using a rotary wheel for context-sensitive options and full-hand gestures instead of finger-based gestures.

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  1. seems the guy talking infront of the power point, no plan to implement or SDK for developer now or future, anyone can have big idea, but to implement it are more difficult, refer to Bill Gate comment

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