Windows Phone 7’s MyPhone site teased

During my last day at TechEd Australia 2010, I spotted this interesting image flashed briefly on one of the promotional video loops for Windows Phone 7 at the Microsoft booth. On closer inspection, it appears to be a screenshot of the upcoming MyPhone portal on Windows Live for Windows Phone 7.

Although it’s fairly hard to see exactly what type of features are offered by the site, it’s obvious the top blue bar is the Windows Live website header and you’ll be at least able to organize your contacts and photos, much like you can do today with MyPhone for Windows Mobile 6.5 but presented elegantly in the Metro style rather than a generic tabular format.

For a platform which promotes cloud services so heavily, it’s finally good to see light of its own cloud management service. As elegant and lightweight as the Zune software is, not being tied to a computer to manage their phone will be a huge plus over its competitors.

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    1. No I think it might be a name of the person, like “Welcome to your Windwos Phone, Emma”.

  1. This is not news, as far as the info behind the MyPhone service goes. This does exactly what mobile me for iPhone and BBManeger does, a service which allows you to find your phone, disable it/wipe it/call it, and other such useful features. The fact that it is free is the only semi-innovative thing about it. To me it looks like the zune client when a wp is synced to it. i may be wrong, but who’s to say that i’m not right.

    1. There were very similar services from third-parties for many smartphone operating systems before MobileMe ever came around. Hmmm, I think we’ve heard this story before from Apple, with the mouse, the GUI, the online music store, and the multi-touch screen.

  2. I’m pretty sure it won’t be available at Windows Phone 7 launch but I would like to see Kin Studio ported to MyPhone or Windows Live Photos.

  3. Now that I have WP7 I wish I could get my information from the existing MyPhone to the new wp7 device….
    anyone figure this out?

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