Windows Live portal for WP7 teased again on video

One of the last pieces of the Windows Phone 7 puzzle yet to be fully revealed in all its Metro glory, the Windows Live phone portal, has been teased once again in a recent promotional video on

Although this isn’t the first time the screenshot has made a brief, blurry and low-resolution appearance; the first at Microsoft TechEd Australia 2010 a month ago, this video however does confirm the picture is of a web interface where features such as “Find my phone” and the ability to remotely organize photos and contacts can be accessed for free.

The video is embedded below and the screenshot appears at 0:49. Don’t blink or you might miss it.

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Update: Replaced image with higher resolution version thanks to “RoguePlanetoid“.

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  1. I wonder if this will be available to the older WinMo users? I imagine they want to keep it exclusive for WP7 users but the MyPhone service that Microsoft provided for WinMo basically has all the same features. I see no reason why they couldn’t make it available. Technically, at least.

    1. +1

      Also I hope that Microsoft adds the functionality to sync with Windows Live Calendar to WM 6.5 as well because I won’t be switching to a new phone at least until next year.

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