Windows Phone 7 4G support confirmed

A page describing the various Windows Phone 7 status icons on the new Microsoft website recently discovered by Engadget reveals an interesting tidbit about the WP7 operating system, it already has support for both of the popular 4G cellular network standardsLTE (technically a 3.9G technology) and WiMAX.

Of course it’s ultimately up to the OEMs to produce 4G-enabled WP7 devices (and carriers to sell them), but at least this gives some credibility to the earlier rumors of a LTE version of the Dell Lightning and a WiMAX version of an LG WP7 phone.

With native support for these next-generation standards in the v1 version of the OS suggests that we could see such devices sooner than later. Bring on the 100Mbit data rates I say.

Note: I will be attending the Microsoft/Telstra Windows Phone 7 press event on October 12 in Sydney.

Update: The page has since been edited and many of the icons removed. You can still see the original icons via Google Cache.

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  1. What’s at launch is not important, although 4G support is cool. What is more important is if Microsoft can keep a very agressive update cycle like Android has. Android was crap at launch, only two years ago, it’s come a long way and most people seem to forget that. MS does not have a good track record at agressive updates, but hopefully this marks a change.

  2. It’s very nice to see WP7 is 4G supportive. But what I’m looking forward is that Microsoft figure out away to motivate more developers to come up with apps. App market is somehow as important as the device market is.

    Thanx for the great blog by the way! I’m a big fan 🙂


  3. Hmmm……this picture doesnt seem to be legit. I went to the source you cited and I cant find the image. Instead I see all the statuses up to the “H” and then the note. There is also no picture of a phone on the left side of that area. Did you fabricate this image?

    1. They seem to have edited the page since I took the screenshot. However the phone was added by me for visual purposes.

  4. So, wait.. Does this mean my HTC Arrive has the ability to use 4G if Sprint allowed it? Or are we talking about a new phone here?

  5. Love w7 phone but no communication with Office 2010 really needs a sync with office function

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