There’s a fun report making the rounds that the Chrome OS notebook, specifically the Cr-48, doesn’t have the ability for caps lock, the cornerstone of many intellectually provocative and well mannered comments across the web.

Whilst it is true the keyboard button where the caps lock is usually has been replaced by a search button (a smart move for a company with a search engine), Google actually gives users the option to switch its functionality back to caps lock. Hopefully, the obnoxious won’t figure that out.

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    1. Unless your caps lock works differently to mine, I think the double quotation mark in your post exposes you as a traitor! You just used the shift key, didn’t you?

  1. Hmm.. Search or CAPS ? This is the question. The people from Google are inventing the wheel once again. What would we do without them? But I must admit that I like how the Cr-48 looks. It has a Mac look that I really like.

    1. Remember outcry when Microsoft introduced windows-keys, atleast they were added. Now Google wants to rename often used key, seriously old people use caps lock all time instead shift. So FU Google engineer who made this decision, couldn’t they just add another key?!? Idiotic design and yet again shows how Google is too engineer company.

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