Help Microsoft Australia marry Mike and Jenny, win a Windows Phone 7 a day

Mike Day 1 - Marry Me Microsoft

When it comes to unusual marketing ideas, Microsoft Australia are the top of their game. With Isaiah Mustafa, ten-grand treasure hunt and nine-year-old milk under their belt, their next challenge is to help organize a $20,000 wedding for a couple who signed up for the “Marry Me Microsoft” competition.

Today marks the first out of the five week challenge where Mark, the groom, must live and breathe the “Windows + Cloud” lifestyle using only a Windows 7 PC, Office 2010 and Windows Live – notably SkyDrive. If that wasn’t hard enough, he’s also confined to a special “bachelor bubble” in the heart of Sydney so he can only interact with others electronically.

No doubts Mike is going to need some help and Microsoft Australia is offering anyone who tweets “My wedding tip is” to @Windows7AU with the #MMMicrosoft hashtag a chance to win a HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7 each day.

It’s one thing to use Windows + Cloud for family photos and holiday plans, but it’s a whole different ball game when your marriage might depend on it. With that, good luck to Mike.