Relaunching the new “Here’s an idea”

I love a good idea. What I love more is sharing and talking about ideas with friends. What I’ve found though is that doing that is actually very hard.

Twitter although simple is too short. Emails although ubiquitous are too complex. Instant messaging although convenient is too narrow. Facebook although social is too broad. And so on.

Since my original attempt at a solution didn’t work out so well, I decided to take a whole new direction with a new version which sparked in my head last night. This new version of Here’s an idea only took a day to put together, not because I’m some sort of wizard in disguise, but because it’s simple to the core, the way it should be.

Drawing inspiration from photo sharing websites, GitHub Gist, Reddit and Notepad, the new site is designed to be an easy, fast and private way to share ideas, thoughts, or anything that fits in a text field. And if you choose to share it, the page serves as a central point of feedback.

I look forward to hearing what people think of it.

14 insightful thoughts

  1. Very Nice Site , to get public idea,opinions on evry thing. I like all your innovative ideas longzheng.

    1. Also, the sample text does not go away when you begin to type. IE8 on Win7 (Compatibility View On and Off). But overall, looks very nice and clean.

  2. It’d be cool to navigate through ideas or jump to random ideas. I don’t know if this becomes an issue for “idea harvesting” by companies to earn money, or whether this is out of scope of the project.

    Brilliant idea though, I like it 🙂

  3. I love the idea of it. It reminds me of other sites like this one:

    I especially like how easy the feedback and sharing aspects are. However who owns the idea once it’s submitted?

    For external/public submissions though perhaps a short legal statement that says anyone who submits the idea retains creative commons rights to the idea. 🙂

    P.S – This is a perfect model for say an internal portal/intranet or a private site scenario where ownership isn’t as big of a concern. If you don’t have a simple interface/way of submitting ideas in your organization – you should.

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