First Microsoft Signature PC comes to Australia with back-to-school Dell XPS 14 laptop offer

The newly relaunched Microsoft Signature brand has made the huge leap across the Pacific Ocean tonight as the first bloat-free and performance-optimized PC is now available on sale exclusively from the Australian online Microsoft Store.

The back-to-school “Student PC offer”, although available to anyone for purchase, is a Dell XPS 14 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate and Office Home and Student 2010. What you lack in ability to customize the specifications, Microsoft makes up for with a sizable 34% discount off the recommended retail price – worth a cool $500.

The PC’s secret sauce of course is Microsoft Signature, an effort by the company’s OEM group to improve the out-of-box experience by primarily reducing the number of pre-loaded third party application. Although it’s unfortunate that the PC ecosystem has come to this point where a “standard” PC experience is so poor, Microsoft needs to intervene, at least there’s a choice.

If you do choose to take up on nice offer, hurry as it’s only available while stocks last.

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  1. would be nice if it came to canada but i highly doubt that considering we dont even have xbox 360 related stuff in the ms store. & it toke them a month to release the 3 licence windows 7

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