The Jelly Reef: cutest Microsoft Surface game to date

Since most people probably don’t come across a Microsoft Surface very often (hopefully that will change with the new Surface), it’s easy to miss some of the cool applications and games being developed for it, like the one above, The Jelly Reef.

Designed by a group of final year Dutch arts students, the project was commissioned as multiplayer game for the lobby of the Dutch Game Garden, a game development center. The premise of the game is to use your fingers to manipulate the flow of water which carries jellyfishes across the underwater terrain, avoiding obstacles and harm on the way. The mellow look and feel of the game easily makes it one of the cutest Surface games I’ve seen.

If you’re interested in how they put the game together, one of the project’s members is putting together a series of blog posts about developing the game. Also, if you ever get the chance to play with a Surface like the ones at the Microsoft campus, be sure to check out some of the neat games on it. Although I can’t remember the name of it Galactic Alliance, I highly recommend the 4-player cooperative tower-defence style space shooter.

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  1. Wow, what a great kids game. I wonder if all these games will get to the Microsoft stores independtly for whatever client they had been developed. It would be a good way to attract people to the stores. Ver gente siempre trae mas gente (seeing people around always brings more people around) as we say here in Mexico after all.

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