First looks at Microsoft Australia’s new digs

Microsoft Australia’s head office in the suburb North Ryde of Sydney might not compare to the Redmond campus by size, but a recent renovation makes it probably one of the most stylistic Microsoft office anywhere in the world.

Thanks to a couple phone pictures courtesy of Deeps De Silva, Windows Product Marketing Manager, it appears the former cubicle-like layout has been completely replaced by an open-space format more commonly seen at trendy internet startups and Google. Although the renovations are still ongoing, “green leaves” seems to be the theme of the design, complete with what appears to be real tiny pot plants.

Check out all the pictures below.

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      1. There is a small, non-product, engineering group in North Ryde. This is made up of MCS staff and augmented by partners such as Readify who work on site for some projects. These teams use a purpose built area elsewhere in the building that’s more focussed around clusters of ~8 engineers.

  1. Looks like some the Pioneer Studios and Entertainmaint divisions workspaces that have been shown off over the last couple of years. I like the open space concept, very much like Video game studios utilize.

    1. video game studios utilise the banks of desk concept because it allows you to stuff more people per square meter. Looks like the interior designers here went for a lot of “white space” in their designs.

      Is it me or does the furniture look somewhat cheap?

      1. I’d hardly call Panton and Aeron Chairs cheap… I’d seriusly consider a paycut to get an Aeron Chair for my desk. I had one at a previous job in Sydney and am now forever spoiled…

  2. Is there actually anything trendy or unique to these spaces? The overall layout and option of furniture is poor.

  3. I’m surprised they went without walls, sitting that close while on the phone will be difficult to concentrate on your phone call.

    Virtual computers? Yuck, we implemented them at work and they are only good for low end work, anything more and they are horribly slow.

    1. There are heaps of little rooms for people to make calls in without disturbing anyone. And no virtual PC’s, They are just docks for everyone to plug into like a usb hub.

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