Can’t wait for WP7 copy paste? Maybe send your phone for OEM servicing (caveat)

Dying for copy and paste on your Windows Phone 7? It appears some OEM service centers have begun flashing phones with newer firmware and Windows Phone 7 ROM containing copy & paste functionality. Although this might sound like NoDo, it actually isn’t.

One xda-developers user “lonely2k5” who had his Samsung Omnia 7’s speaker replaced under warranty has received an unexpected surprise update to his phone. He reports that his phone is now sporting a KA1 firmware with an OS build of 7.0.7355.

Of course those familiar with build strings would know this is not the NoDo build that will be pushed out via the update, it being build 7389. Bizarrely, this user may have received an interim developmental build somewhere between RTM and NoDo. Considering how stubborn the WP7 update architecture appears to be, it’s questionable if official updates will work on his phone in the future.

Given the problems some Samsung owners ran into when applying the pre-NoDo update, it just might not be a bad idea to preemptively send your phone in for servicing. Who knows, you might get an in-development Mango build.

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  1. Can you ask your WP7 contacts why there’s no deterministic “Update now” option?

    Windows update has the option, and the download center can be used in a pinch. But not so with WinPhone7 it appears.

    Making people wonder when the update is due is not happy making.

  2. Wait, WP7 doesn’t have copy/paste? Woah. Even my old Sony Ericsson from 2006 had that function. No wonder not that many people seem excited by WP7.

    1. Wait, you didn’t realise WP7 doesn’t have copy/paste? Woah. You must be the last person on earth to find that out.

      I’m surprised you feel confident to offer an opinion on something that you demonstrably know so little about – that’s like me claiming that the current President of the United States is a disastrous leader and a terrible politician without even knowing something as basic as his name.

      Still, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, I guess – no matter how ill informed they are.

      1. Oh dear. Did I strike a nerve there? I would not say that I’m ill informed, rather not really interested, as my comment might have indicated.

        See, I’m not a regular visitor to this site and haven’t worked in the mobile phone industry for about four years now, even though many of my friends still do and show off their development phones as soon as they are announced to the public. This makes me aware of some of the capabilities of modern phones.

        Lately I’ve seen articles about WP7 and noticed how it was praised for things such as integration with Exchange and such but also noticed that not that many people seemed excited, as mentioned in the first post.

        Now I read that it cannot handle a basic tasks such as copy/paste, a fact which surprised me. On the other hand, if that is ill informed to not know this, should people informed about this still be excited about a phone not capable of handling such tasks? If it can’t do this, how will the Exchange integration go?

        On a final note, that comparison to the Presidents leadership capabilities to WP7s (in)capabilities, that seems like an ill informed comparison. Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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