Former Miss Australia Erin McNaught goes dating for Windows 7 TV ads

A series of comedic TV advertisements featuring the winner of Miss Australia 2006, Erin McNaught, appears to be part of a new campaign to boost the promotion of Windows 7 and Windows Live 2011 in Australia.

At least three ads have been produced which star the beauty pageant winner with three less-than-desirable dates in various scenarios where Windows 7 and Windows Live has proven useful. Features shown include internet media streaming, Photo Fuse and Live Mesh.

Of course Erin is no stranger to being associated with technology as she used to host the Cybershack technology TV show before she suffered physical injury whilst taping an episode.

Although these ads remind me of the show “Beauty and the Geek” (I only know of, never seen, I swear), I find them far more enjoyable than the American “To The Cloud” ads whose catchphrase annoy the hell out of me. After all, she won a beauty pageant for a reason.

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  1. If anyone can identify the dance song they used that’d be great. It’s pretty catchy but unfortunately Shazam is not having any luck.

    1. hey troll get off these lands, you are not wanted here. I gotta say MS has to do more of these type of ads showing the features of their product.

      1. Hey, the internet’s a free land…

        Personally I agree with majg. The ads seemed forced – perhaps MS should refrain from the cheap laughs and focus more on the software itself.

  2. Brilliant! Someone at Microsoft Australia is a genius of marketing, because every time one of your ads is posted I’m stunned at how great they are.

  3. Haha. Well those men wouldn’t look so horrible if they could just dress up better and maybe get a good haircut…

    1. I think so too, they do a great job at marketing. Perhaps Microsoft should consider having them do the ads for their Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 ads here in the states.

  4. I loved the second one! By the way, how is it that the cool guy has bad teeth on the first (0:20) and second (0:14) videos but on the third video he has perfect, white teeth (0:12, 0:15, 0:16, 0:20) lol Still pretty good ads 😀

  5. LOL, I enjoy the 3 ads with the geeks all around with the pretty lady Erin. I love the Windows Live cloud mesh.

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