MIX11: Riding the “Jellybean” Kinect lounge chair

On the last day of MIX11, I had the chance to check out the infamous Coding4Fun project called “Jellybean” which is probably more widely known as the Kinect-driven lounge chair featured during the event keynote.

Developed by Clint Rutkas and Dan Fernandez from Microsoft’s Channel9 team and only finished days before the event, the chair is an impressive combination of hardware, software engineering with the Kinect SDK. Make no mistake about the practicalities of this project, this is pure geekery fun.

You might notice in the video we were extremely cautious, but it was warranted because the first time Clint integrated the Kinect code, it actually sent him flying sideways due to a coding error with X/Y axis. It’s now clear to me Clint made it look a lot easier than it was during his appearance at the keynote.

Thanks to Rafael Rivera for capturing the video.

2 insightful thoughts

  1. Yeah it works, kind of, but the reality is a 2 joystiqs would have worked a lot better and been easier to control. Probably the most impressive part is that Kinect is being used closer than 6ft.

  2. Looks like hard work… for now.

    Out of my radio controlled interest, what was Kyosho’s involvement with MIX?? (towards the end of the video you can see their logo etc in the background)

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