Aussie HTC HD7 WP7 bonus: two free XBOX360 games

For Australians, there’s a new Windows Phone 7 device in town and quite a sweet treat from Microsoft Australia to go along with it.

Even though Optus’ Samsung Omnia 7 is hands-down the best Windows Phone 7 device available down under, if your choice of mobile network is Telstra, then the recently launched HTC HD7 with its cinematic 4.3-inch screen is clearly the next best thing.

Any HD7 purchases from Telstra or any Australian retailer (no imports) are eligible to redeem two free XBOX 360 games (Halo Reach and Kinect Joy Ride) OR 3,000 Xbox LIVE points (worth $50) through the offer website.

Even though there’s a deadline (31st of May), don’t rush though. At the pace both Telstra and Optus are testing the NoDo update, there’s plenty of time to watch paint dry. Update: Apparently the HD7 comes with NoDo preloaded, in which case, rush!

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  1. I have a Samsung Focus – and aside from the ATT logo on the front (well they still shipped NoDo before Telstra LOL) – I think this is the best Gen1 handset for WP7, not the HD7. It also works on the superior Telstra 3G network.

    LOLOLOL on your closing comments!

    1. Yep, the Samsung Focus and the Omnia 7 is the same device with a slightly different case.

  2. Did you notice that Vodafone had the Trophy with a free 360 + Kinect last month? And it’s now on the $29/m cap? Deals are going wild.

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