Alleged Windows 8 App Store screenshot is fake: third-party app “Appmarts”

Origins of the alleged screenshots of the “Windows 8 App Store” has finally been unearthed.

It turns out they are of a third-party Chinese application downloader and manager available today called Appmarts. The English versions of the screenshots are likely to have been manipulated. Although the application similar in functionality is very real and usable, but it’s not from Windows 8 nor Microsoft.

The “Windows Store” (the real name of the app store) is currently locked down to internal Microsoft servers and domain users, thus it won’t be accessible in any leaked builds for the immediate future.

Whilst it’s fun to watch the Windows 8 details leak from the sidelines, just be wary of the bulls.

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  1. How that’s fake? Nobody claimed that it’s official by Microsoft. Even the url “” is there!

    1. Ahahahahahahaha, did you opened this address? It is a “copy” before the real stuff! //你打开过这个地址吗?这可是山寨“尚未出现”的东西哦~
      ps. It really looks like the real one. //界面做的真的很像真的……

  2. wow i would love it to be the real one!
    However, i guess that Microsoft might use Metro UI for it, if it’s coming to the next generation of Windows.

  3. 你是来自中国吧,我现在遇到了一个棘手的问题,希望你能帮助。我的hd7升级到最新之前忘记越狱了。造成现在无法越狱,你能帮助我吗?如果有办法请邮件回复我吧!万分感谢![email protected]

  4. I got my outright HD7 from Telstra a couple weeks ago. i believe that the NoDo update (7.0.3089??) has already been installed, which means I couldn’t unlock it using the ChevronWP either. I would love to know if there’s any other way that can help me with the unlock.

    Btw, since ChevronWP does not work on NoDo, I have signed up a student account on App Hub, wishing to registed the phone as a “developer”. GeoTrust is now verifying my personal identifcation. The process is just annoying and complicated.

  5. It’s interesting that a third-party app could look close enough to a real thing that people would believe it was one. Of course, a screen shot tells you little about what you’d really be getting. I do wonder if a “big enough” third-party, such as Amazon, could actually have built and gotten momentum for a WIndows app store independent of Microsoft. They are trying to do it for Android, so why didn’t they try to do it for Windows?

    Of course, I’ve written my own blog entry about a Windows App Store.

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