The game sequel you’ve been waiting for: Ribbon Hero 2 by Microsoft Office Labs

Some of you may have recently been distracted by a small indie game called Portal 2, but here’s the PC game sequel of the year everyone has been waiting for – Ribbon Hero 2 by Microsoft Office Labs, available today as a free download.

The sequel to the innovative interactive tutorial aimed to familiar Office 2007 and 2010 users with the new Ribbon interface, the game now features a standalone interface with animated graphics and even storyline scenarios incorporating a Microsoft favorite, Clippy. Like its predecessor, players score points for completing tasks using the Ribbon.

Although to most readers of this site, this would be considered a gimmick at best. However, to novice Office users – especially kids in primary education, I can’t imagine a better way to incorporate learning for a productivity application. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a similar tool existed for Adobe Photoshop or Maya?

7 insightful thoughts

  1. Clippy? Better than Portal 2?
    What are you on?
    Portal 2 is THE best game of the year!
    Anyone who actually liked having that stupid paper clip in the way of your work environment is just crazy and obviously doesn’t know how to use a portal…

  2. Portal isn’t an indie game.

    Also, Portal 2 is the best game ever. It’s pure awesome.

  3. Yes those test chambers don’t seem to be preparing people for sarcasm.

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