nsquared demos “seamless computing” prototype at TechEd Australia 2011

An Australian software development company specializing in Surface applications took the spotlight of the Microsoft TechEd Australia 2011 developer keynote today with a pretty compelling “seamless computing” demo utilization the whole deck of Microsoft platforms including Windows Phone 7, Surface, Windows 7, Kinect and Silverlight.

The demo features a scenario where an architect is working on a house design project and needs to find a replacement part for a door handle that is no longer available. To visualize the change, they utilize a system that brings together the phone, a tablet, an interactive surface and gestures working in unity.

Although Microsoft is known to feature such integrated experiences in many of their concept vision videos and ads, seeing a live demo (albeit scripted in some areas) with commercially available hardware and platform tools is still very satisfying. With the increasing attention on NFC, I’m optimistic scenarios like this aren’t too far away from mainstream adoption.

Update: One notable outcome of this project is that Microsoft and nsquare are going to be giving away the source code of the whole solution to universities (and others) for user experience education purposes.

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    1. Mick, go see “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, ok?

      I hope you make a swift and speedy recovery.

    1. this is awesome! can you look at the comment below under Ray!?
      and respond asap! thank you!

  1. I love how more and more seamless by the year computing is becoming, which is why I remain a firm supporter of Microsoft and all of their awesome innovations that helped to make life a heck of a lot easier for us all! 😀

  2. How did they get a 3D model out of the 2D slate camera’s image? And how am I supposed to believe everything else in this video if they’d lie about something so blatantly obvious?

  3. OK so what would you reccomend REALLY as to which phone OS to get and use? what is your opinion! If this is the way this is going….i want it!!! Please help & tell me! And…who makes that tablet & “board” you are using?
    Thank for the help!
    In a consulting line of business…I just want to be steered right in the line of which OS to use! I had blackberry & been on android for the last year but I dont trust the security! Which would be the best to go with for the future do you think?
    WP7 & up? please help! thank you!
    loved the demo!!!

  4. Nice work Dr Neil & NSQUARED. Great to see what you’ve been busy on since I saw you all last 🙂
    Next time I’m in Sydney!

  5. Hmmm 2D photo being converted into a 3D model! If only! Sure, if you’ve got a lot of photos and plug them in to photosynth you’ll get a psuedo model… so just how many photos were needed for a pixel perfect render!

  6. How can they seriously expect people to buy into this? So many issues with this obviously canned demo, its a shame that they are allowed to let people believe that this technology is ready.

  7. people pay attention!
    NO WHERE does it say its totally ready! Look again…it says “DEMO”!!!
    buy into what?…a concept that IS becoming reality!? Be real here!
    Have you honestly seen the technology that is out there or are you just spouting off in these comments?
    There is way more out there than you know!
    It’s called planning & designing!
    just wish people would stop & think before they write sometimes! BEFORE they go “bashing” people!
    Pretty rude!!!!!

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