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  1. Could maybe be that the TechEd model was a pre-release model, or as MS calls it an engineering model. Guess we’ll only find out at BUILD. Can’t wait for it any more 🙂

  2. It is very similar but as Windows 8 is meant to support edge gestures all physical buttons will have to go on the side.
    The camera lens is a pretty standard location on all devices. Probably is Samsung though.

    1. The Samsung Series 7 Slate has a flush screen with large margins on all sides so it should satisfy the edge gestures requirement.

      1. Thommck’s point probably was that because of that requirement, all W8 slates will have physical buttons on the side so using that as a evidence isn’t as strong as it might be.

  3. I’ll just take a series 7 thank you. Unless of course the ARM tablet also has a wacom digitizer.

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