Bing Image Archive, now with HTML5 video support

Due to popular demand from no less than three people (including myself), I’ve spent a better part of the night adding video support to my (actually) popular Bing Image Archive and now it’s available for your viewing pleasure.

As some people might have saw, a couple of weeks ago Bing announced they will be sprinkling some HTML5 videos to their daily cycle of picturesque background images. Since, there’s been a total of 3 such video loops including one of autumn leaves today.

In case you missed the previous ones, you can now see the Milky Way video and Autumn in Grand Teton National Park video.

Making browsers play video turned out to be a lot harder than expected. Besides obvious format incompatibilities, it’s frustrating Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Chrome all exhibit unique quirks when handling HTML5 video. It’s no wonder why the HTML5 version of Bing has been delayed time and time again.

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  1. Please post the problem and the solution to the video issues on stackoverflow. Legions of html5 devs will thank you for it

  2. Your update changes how the right click Save As works – it used to default to the file name, now the file name is “hprichbg.jpg”

    1. I have experienced the same problem. I have been searching for information to fix the problem – nothing yet. Have you found a fix ??

  3. These are great, but how can we get them to play as Wallpaper like Dreamscene in Windows Vista? Any ideas?

  4. They have videos in many different categories including nature videos, videos of food, people and technology that you can browse to find the one that suits your needs. They post 10 videos every 10 days and you can even subscribe to receive these videos in your inbox.

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