PSA: Please get the name of “Windows Phone” right

So I was watching this Microsoft video…

Update: Microsoft has since replaced the video with one that has been re-dubbed to say the correct name. However since the video is still synchronized to the original recording, the lips are out of sync.

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  1. I’m always surprised and saddened that people can mess up the product’s name. I know it sounds like Windows 7, but it’s Windows Phone 7 or just Windows Phone to be safe. Please get it right, guys!

  2. Why can’t everyone just call it “Windows Phone” already? Far less confusing than having to worry about where to put the version number.

  3. Might I recommend making a rage comic on the topic of using the correct (Vista-era) Windows flag? I still see the XP-era image from time to time.

  4. ARGH! This annoys the hell out of me too. Especially when someone gets it wrong then makes a joke like it is complex or something. “Windows Phone”. Done. Easy.

    Also, it looks like they pulled that posting because I can’t find that video on the blog anymore. 🙂

  5. I could probably do a better cartoon than that, but I must commend you on your excellent efforts nonetheless! 😛

  6. The official brand name is horribly clumsy in the first place. That’s what should be fixed.

    Getting a wrong thing wrong doesn’t seem so wrong! 🙂

    1. Not sure how “Windows Phone” is clumsy. It is a mere 1 syllable longer than “iPhone” and even tells you what it is. Sure the whole “Windows Phone 7 Series” was classic Microsoft bad naming. However it was simplified within a day or so. Can’t understand why people have so much trouble with it.

      1. The right thing is always wrong, so the wrong thing is always right, so the wrong thing that is right actually is wrong, but its right, but its wrong! 😛

  7. thank you for this post. I somehow just loose it (inside) when someone calls it windows 7 phone. The imagery is exactly that: windows 7…on a phone. that windows 7 running on your laptop or computer.

    How hard is it to say Windows Phone 7?

    What is worse is when people say (BBC is guilty) Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is completely different. Spotify need to seperate the two on their own website. It seems to only acknowledge the old windows mobile on its site but calls them windows Phones.

  8. I completely agree. I have seen a few “Why Windows Phone Sucks” articles before, and I read them just to see their reasons, but 99% of the time they said “Windows 7 Phone” in which case I stopped reading.

    If you are going to bash, or even praise, Windows Phone, get the name right. Windows 7 Phone means its Windows 7, on a phone, but Windows Phone 7 is something completely different.

    Though at the same time Microsoft is partially to blame for the confusion 😛

  9. It looks like the video has been replaced with one with overdubbed audio where he says it correctly.
    It just looks like a typical video where the audio goes out of sync so most people probably won’t notice.

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